Norway: Everything at one stop: Kangoo Z.E. customers receive energy package

31. März 2013 PR Presse Schlagwörter: , , 0 Comments
Oslo, Munich. E-Mobility advances in Norway: Renault und The Mobility House (TMH) have agreed to start rolling out E-Mobility. All customers owning Kangoo Z.E. models have the option to charge their cars safely, fast and sustainably. Customers can purchase an Energy Package at their local Renault dealership. The full service Energy Package delivered by TMH includes a charging device and its installation at the customers´ home. „Charging an electric car increases the load of the existing electric infrastructure to its extent. Usually, existing sockets and the wiring behind it do not suit to the charging requirements on an EV,” explains TMH Managing Director Marcus Fendt. “We guarantee that the owner of a Kangoo Z.E. can safely and quickly charge his car at a certified electrical installation.” See our video on the energy package. This is done by a qualified installer, who takes care that the car can be charged with maximum speed in accordance with the cars’ specifications. Charging performance then permits approximately 6 hours – half the time a standard plug is able to charge. The Mobility House offers the Energy Package for 9.899 Norwegian Crowns (NOK). “Renault aims to make electric vehicles a rational, affordable alternative to internal-combustion engine vehicles.  Through the partnership with Mobility House we are pooling our expertise to make electric mobility a reality. This has already become true with the Kangoo Z.E. and will be continued from 2014 with the Renault ZOE. Kangoo and ZOE owners will benefit from an optimal charging solution,” said Jan Traaseth, Managing Director Renault Norway. Renault Norway Jan Traaseth [email protected] Kontakt: [email protected]

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