Offer Your Customers a Special Service with Optimal Charging Solutions for Charging an Electric Car, with an Installation Service by The Mobility House, One of the Leading Electric Mobility Service Providers.

We want to form a connection between electric mobility and the new world of energy in an intelligent manner. For this reason, electric cars have to be efficiently and safely connected to the existing installation and power network. Since 2011, we have been making this a reality as a service provider of charging solutions – and energy management. Leading automobile manufacturers across Europe put their faith in the expertise of The Mobility House. We are also a nationwide and impartial provider of charging stations, installation services and energy solutions, such as eco power and the certificates it requires.

Moreover, we can also offer access to public charging infrastructure and multi-faceted innovative solutions, e.g. photovoltaic charging with individual consumption optimisation. As well as our operative work, we have successfully contributed our experience as management consultants for automobile manufacturers in multi-faceted strategy, optimisation, implementation or IT projects. Furthermore, we have already trained over 1000 agents in the charging infrastructure sector on behalf of automobile manufacturers.

Benefits For Your Customers

  • All-round service by leading electric mobility service providers
  • Individual charging solutions for the home, the workplace and on the road
  • Excellent value for money
  • Delivery and installation of charging infrastructure by established quality manufacturers
  • Service hotline, on-site warranty and replacement service

These Automobile Manufacturers Already Trust Our Services

The Mobility House Offers an All-Round Service Package for OEMs

Charging Infrastructure & Installation Services

Marketing & IT Solutions

Quality & Warranty Management

Trader Training

Service Hotline for Merchants and Customers

B2C/B2B billing

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