Charge your Renault Zoe at Great Rates and Save Money

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Renault and The Mobility House Test the Smart Charging Process

Munich, 15. November 2015. – It has never been so cheap to “fill up” with electricity: 11 employees of Renault Deutschland AG in Brühl are currently testing new charging software from Renault’s partner, The Mobility House, using the particularly environmentally friendly electric vehicle, the Renault ZOE. The Mobility House has developed software that uses the price fluctuations on the electricity market to the benefit of electric car drivers. The intelligent charging station determines the prices on the power exchange each day and uses the information to draw up an optimum charging plan. The charging process starts remotely and automatically only once the required electricity is available at a particularly good price.

In future, owners of electric cars from Renault will be able to “fill up” with electricity for even less than previously. Thanks to the Smart Charging Process from The Mobility House, drivers will be able to benefit from the fluctuations in electricity trading prices. A little background: on windy and sunny days a large amount of alternative energy is generated. This results in lower electricity prices. When the Renault ZOE is connected to the intelligent charging station, the charging status is transmitted via the Renault data centre to the “swarm management platform” of The Mobility House. The software determines an optimum charging plan on the basis of the fluctuating electricity prices. As soon as the energy can be obtained at a particularly good price, the charging process starts automatically, without the driver needing to do anything. If the battery is full, the charging process is also terminated remotely. The Mobility House acquires the electricity around the clock via its partner on the power exchange, GETEC Energie.

Other advantages of the intelligent charging station: the high performance 22 -kW units reduce the charging time, enabling the Renault ZOE vehicle battery to charge to 80 percent within one hour at a voltage of 400 V and a charging current of 32 A.

About „The Mobility House“
The Mobility House aims to promote the ’Energiewende’ and facilitate an emissions-free future. With our innovative charging and energy storage solutions, we help electric mobility achieve a breakthrough. Our technologies allow us to integrate electric vehicles into the power grid as an aggregated swarm storage of batteries as well as a stationary storage device from vehicle batteries.

The Mobility House was founded in 2009 and supports all leading car manufacturers in over 20 countries worldwide from its locations in Munich, Zurich and San Francisco.

About „Renault”
Renault was founded in 1898 and has one of the longest traditions of any automobile manufacturer in the world. The Group now has a presence in 128 countries, employing almost 122,000 people, and sells over 2.6 million vehicles each year. Production takes place at 38 locations on four continents. In order to meet the technological challenges of the future and to consistently increase profitable growth, Renault pursues several strategies: it promotes the international development of complementary model series from the three Group brands of Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, takes a pioneering role in the field of electric vehicles, and maintains an alliance with Nissan. Furthermore, the company consolidates its global standing through its close collaboration with cooperation partners, AVTOVAZ and Daimler. With Renault engines winning 12 Formula 1 constructor’s titles in 36 years, Renault is one of the most successful teams in the elite motor sports class and has strengthened its image around the world as an innovative brand.

In Germany, Renault has a tradition stretching back over 100 years. Renault Deutschland AG is based in Brühl, near Cologne, and in 2014 sold around 173,000 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (including the Twizy) from the Renault and Dacia brands


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