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Find Out the Best Way to Charge Your Electric Car

We Offer the Right Solution for Your Electric Car No Matter Where You Charge

Mit der eigenen Stromtankstelle zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden Sie die Batterie Ihres Elektroautos schnell und effizient wieder voll.

Charging Stations

You can now charge your electric car up to 10x faster than with a conventional domestic socket by using a separate charging station at home – perfect if you want to save time and achieve greater flexibility.


Energy Manager

Charge your electric car with solar power from your photovoltaic system. That is how you drive 100% emissions-free whilst optimising consumption for your entire household.


Billing Services

Billing made easy: if you drive a company car you bill the employer, and if you are a company you bill company car drivers and employees at the company site. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Load Balancing

Charge several electric vehicles at a time and save power costs. Load balancing intelligently distributes the power, and prevents expensive peak loads. The system can be flexibly expanded.

Find the Right Charging Station for Your Electric Car and Your Needs.

Key Information at a Glance: the Charging Station and How to Install It

Mit der eigenen Stromtankstelle zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden Sie die Batterie Ihres Elektroautos schnell und effizient wieder voll.

How Do I find the Right Charging Station?

Charge the battery of your electric car quickly and efficiently with your own charging station. Save valuable time and add greater flexibility to your everyday routine. Our broad product range allows you to find a charging station that fits your needs.

The Mobility House zeigt Ihnen welche 6 Dinge Sie beim Kauf einer Ladestation beachten sollten, um sicher und schnell Ihr Elektroauto zu laden.

6 Tips for Buying a Charging Station

The intended use plays a role in your decision to buy a charging station. If you just need to charge, then a simple charging station will suffice. On the other hand, if your charging station needs to be integrated into a load management or photovoltaic system, you should opt for an intelligent charging station.

Das Laden Ihres Elektroautos stellt hohe Anforderungen an Ihre Elektroinstallation. The Mobility House bietet einen Installationsservice, der genau dies berücksichtigt. Das Paket beinhaltet die Prüfung Ihrer Hausinstallation und Anwendungssituation durch einen qualifizierten Elektroinstallateur sowie die Montage und elektrische Inbetriebnahme der Wallbox gemäß der aktuell gültigen Normen. Für eventuelle Zusatzarbeiten, abgestimmt auf die spezifischen Gegebenheiten vor Ort, erhalten Sie ein unverbindliches und individuelles Angebot.

How Do I Install the Charging Station?

There are a few safety precautions that need to be observed when installing a charging station for an electric car. As well as the required safety switches, the size of the leads must also correspond to the charging power. The 6 most important instructions for installation are provided here. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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How Long Will It Take My Electric Car to Charge? Check Out Your Charging Time.

Useful Information about Charging Your Electric Car at Home and on the Move

How Do I Charge My Electric Car at Home?

Drivers who have made the switch to a beautiful, clean electric car sometimes have lots of questions: Why invest in your own charging station anyway? Why not just plug it into a domestic plug socket? How does charging work with your own solar power supply or in a rented parking space? The Mobility House will tell you how!

Abrechnungsservice @public

How Do I Charge My Electric Car at a Public Charging Station?

You still need to do some planning if you charge at public charging stations, so that you can get from A to B without running out of battery. The @public billing service brings various charging network operators under one roof, making it easier to charge at public charging stations, while mobile charging stations provide additional flexibility.


All About Charging Your Electric Car Summarised in one Handy Guide

An expert for all occasions: The Mobility House answers your questions on electromobility and charging electric cars in one handy guide. What do I need to switch over to an electric car? Are there any subsidies? What should I be aware of when installing a charging station? Which charging solution fits my needs?


We Have the Right Charging Solution for Your Business


Charge several cars at the same time at your site, and simply bill for the power used by company cars and employees – we will be happy to offer advice and assistance along the way.


Time spent shopping provides the perfect opportunity to charge electric cars. Win new customers, and/or retain existing ones, with a charging facility for electric cars.

Hotels & Restaurants

Attract new guests with an electric car charging station, and make a name for yourself as an innovative hotel or restaurant. We advise you in choosing the right charging solution.

Public Facilities

Give your visitors the option to charge their electric car during visiting hours, and become an environmentally sustainable facility.

Real Estate & Construction

We support you in planning electrical installation and choosing the right charging station, as well as in integrating a load management system.

Parking Operator

As a car park operator you can use a charging station to attract new customers, and set yourself apart from other competitors.


We offer electricians a service package for installations and attractive terms on charging stations from established manufacturers.

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