Charge Your Electric Car Easily Using Your Own Charging Station at Home, or Be Flexible and Use Public Charging Stations.

How to Charge Your Electric Car in an Easy and Flexible Way by Using Your Own Charging Station at Home

Why Is It Worth Having Your Own Charging Station?

With your own charging station you can charge your electric car in a safer manner and up to 10x faster than by using a domestic socket. This gives you greater flexibility when you are on the road, and means you will not have to worry about the availability of public charging points. Learn more about the benefits of an own charging station and find information on what to keep in mind when buying and installing a wallbox here.


Do You Own a Photovoltaic System? Charge 100% Emissions-Free.

Our energy manager enables you to make more of your photovoltaic system. Up to four power consumers can be connected to the energy management system and provided with pure solar energy from your roof. This means you no longer have to sell your electricity at less than fair value. Plus: you can use your own power to charge your electric car on clear and sunny days and thereby reduce your carbon footprint.


Living in an Apartment: Can I Charge My Car at My Parking Space?

You can still install a charging station for your parking space if you live in a rented accommodation, and in fact property managers and owners will often even offer financial assistance to help you in the process. After all, a charging station adds to the value of the property. Take a look at our blog to find out about the steps to getting your own charging station at your parking space, and a sample letter to the owner of your property.


We Recommend Following Charging Stations for Your Electric Car:

Do You Need Support for Installing Your Charging Station?

We highly recommend you to entrust a qualified electrician with the installation of your charging station in order to prevent from harm and danger. A professional electrician will be familiar with the safety standards and requirements for installation. Or play it safe with our installation check and service within only 3 easy steps: Make an appointment, check conditions on site with our installation partner, and have the charging station installed.

Are You Charging Your Electric Company Car at Home?

Billing for privately charged electricity is now just as easy as with a conventional fuel card. Using a smart charging station and the billing service @home, you can easily bill for the electricity used to charge your company car, without it taking too much time. We take care of the entire billing process for your employer. A complete overview of all charging operations and costs is available to access any time in the online portal.
Which Charging Station is Yours? Find the Best Solution for Your Electric Car.

Charge Your Electric Car at Public Charging Stations and Stay Flexible, Even on Longer Journeys

Charging Electric Cars in Public Areas – How, What, and Where?

Charging your car in public places still requires a bit of planning. The main questions here are: where can I charge my electric car, and how will billing work? First of all, you need to register with a charging station operator. However, finding a suitable operator is not entirely straightforward with most providers and tariffs. Our blog post “Charging electric cars in public areas: which charging tariff is right for me?” will help you take the next steps!


Charging in Public Areas Made Easy with @public

Public charging at charging stations is even easier with the @public billing service. Each charging station covered by @public is part of various charging networks. Unregistered users can scan a QR code at the charging station and pay by using PayPal or a credit card. Anyone who has a compatible charging station can make it available for other EV drivers by activating @public, e.g. via PlugSurfing or intercharge, and receives a fee from users for each minute of charging.


With a Mobile Charging Station and a Charging Cable, You Are Ideally Equipped for Charging on the Road

Support the Development of Public Charging Infrastructure and Benefit from Providing Your Charging Station to Paying Customers.

Taking an Electric Car on Holiday: Find Hotels and Restaurants with Charging Stations

Find Public Charging Stations on the Map

Hotels and restaurants in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that provide charging stations for their guests are marked on the following map. Find suitable charging stops along your route and book an electric car parking space to match your travel schedule.

Full Flexibility with a Mobile Charging Station

Many hotels and restaurants provide charging stations with a type-2 connector, so electric cars with plug type 1 or plug type 2 can charge there. We therefore recommend you to always carry a charging cable with you – or stay completely flexible by taking a mobile charging station with you on the trip!

Find the Nearest Charging Stations at Hotels and Restaurants for Your Electric Car

Our Map is Missing a Hotel or Restaurant with Charging Stations for Electric Cars?

Does your hotel or restaurant already have a charging solution for electric cars but you cannot locate it in our map? Or do you know of a hotel or restaurant with charging stations for electric cars that is missing here?

Simply send us an email or use the following contact form and we would be happy to add the charging station to our map. Please send us the following information:

  • Name of the hotel or restaurant
  • Hotel or restaurant category
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Charging costs
  • Socket types (domestic socket, type 1, type 2, camping plug, CEE 16A, CEE 32A, CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla Supercharger)
  • Charging power

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