Use Our Simple and Handy Map to Find Hotels and Restaurants with Charging Stations for Holidays or Days Out with Your Electric Car.

Nowadays, many hotels and restaurants are equipped with charging solutions, providing their guests with the additional service of charging their electric car during their stay. This makes them a welcome alternative to service stations and car parks with charging stations when it is time for a charging stop. Simply charge your electric car while you enjoy lunch in peace, during your stay in a hotel, or enjoy a quick break at a nice restaurant without having to worry about how much charge is left in your electric car.

Our map is filled with countless hotels and restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are equipped with charging stations for electric cars. You will also find information on the hotel, charging costs and the socket types available. What’s more, we have also compiled the most important information you need if you are planning to take your electric car on longer journeys. As a leading service provider and expert partner in the area of charging infrastructure for electric mobility, we set up charging stations at hotels and restaurants.

Checklist for Trips in your Electric Car:

  • Selecting a hotel or restaurant: Use our map to pick a hotel or restaurant with charging stations. Check that their plug is compatible with your electric car.
  • Planning your route: Does your electric car have enough range? Take any stops along the way into account. Use our map to find the nearest charging station on your route.
  • Availability: Find out whether the charging station will be available at your planned arrival and reserve a parking space for your electric car if necessary.
  • Charging cable: Don’t forget to pack your charging cable: type 1 or type 2 charging cables and the standard charging cable in case of an emergency.

We Recommend Taking the Following Charging Cables with You on Journeys…

A Quick and Easy Way to Find the Nearest Charging Stations at Hotels and Restaurants for Your Electric Car

Noticed that Our Map is Missing a Hotel or Restaurant with Charging Stations for Electric Cars?

Does your hotel or restaurant already have a charging solution for electric cars but hasn’t been included in our list? Or do you know of a hotel or restaurant with charging stations for electric cars but can’t find it on our map?

Simply send us an email or use the following contact form and we would be happy to add the charging station to our map. Please send us the following information:

  • Name of the hotel or restaurant
  • Hotel or restaurant category
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Charging costs
  • Socket types (domestic socket, type 1, type 2, camping plug, CEE 16A, CEE 32A, CHAdeMO, CCS, Tesla Supercharger)
  • Charging power

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