Charge Your Electric Car Conveniently While You Are at Work.

As electric cars are mainly parked at home and at work, these are the two most suitable places for charging them. Charging facilities at work are therefore becoming increasingly important in addition to personal charging stations at home.

More and more companies are providing charging stations for their staff. There may be differences with regard to charging costs or taxation depending on whether you are charging your company car or private electric car at work.


Checklist on Charging Electric Cars at Work

  • Access to the charging station: Can anyone use the workplace charging station or do I need e.g. an RFID card to activate the charging process?
  • Charging costs: Is it free to charge a vehicle at work (e.g. for company cars) or do I need to pay for the electricity used (e.g. for private electric cars)?
  • Charging cable: Does the charging station already have a charging cable or does it have a socket which requires a separate charging cable?
  • Financial advantage: Does the financial advantage of free charging exceed the legal allowance thresholds and therefore need to be taxed?

Products for Charging Electric Cars at Work

An einer Ladestation bzw. Wallbox laden Sie Ihr Elektroauto bis zu 10x schneller als an der Haushaltssteckdose. Die modernsten Sicherheitskriterien und die Montage durch einen qualitifzierten Elektroinstallateur ermöglicht ein sicheres Laden des E-Autos. Die leichte und bequeme Handhabung macht das Laden an der Wallbox zum Kinderspiel. Mit der eigenen Stromtankstellen können Sie flexibel und bequem zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden. Eine intelligente Stromnutzung und -abrechnung macht das Laden smart.

Charging Stations

  • Charge quickly: up to 10x quicker than with a regular domestic socket
  • Charge safely: the most modern safety standards and installation by qualified electricians
  • Charge conveniently: easy and convenient operation
  • Charge flexibly: with your own charging station at home or at work
  • Charge smartly: intelligent power management and billing

Billing Service @work

  • All charging processes are recorded at the charging station on the company premises
  • Flexible user management of users both liable and not liable for costs
  • Overview of all charging processes and statistics available in the customer portal at any time
  • Electricity costs are automatically collected from users liable for costs and reimbursed to the company
  • Guaranteed legal security (incl. tax law) and compliance