Demonstrate your Company’s Innovative Nature and Vision with a Charging Station for Employees and Guests.

The increasing number of electric cars are predominantly charged at home and at work. This means that charging stations at work are becoming ever more important and in demand. A charging station on your company premises offers your employees and visitors a special service and also demonstrates your company’s commitment to sustainability. The billing service @work from The Mobility House guarantees legal protection, ensures you have an overview of all charging processes and if necessary, can automatically calculate the charging costs of individual users.

Companies with their own fleet of electric vehicles help to protect the environment and demonstrate that they have vision. This is because electric cars incur comparatively lower operating costs and can be operated with lower energy costs. If you and your employees also use electric cars as company cars, these are usually charged at home using private electricity. Using the billing service @home from The Mobility House ensures that all charging processes at home are recorded and the charging costs incurred are automatically reimbursed to the company car driver – at no extra cost to the company.


Advantages at a Glance

  • Offer your employees, customers and visitors a unique service thanks to electric cars
  • Demonstrate your company's environmental awareness and commitment to sustainability
  • Use a fleet of electric vehicles to lower operating costs and help protect the environment at the same time
  • Maintain an overview of all charging processes with our intelligent charging station
  • Manage different users and bill these automatically if required
  • Take advantage of the full service package from The Mobility House: installation, maintenance and service

What Should Companies Look for in a Charging Station?

Different Users

Different users generally charge different electric cars. Two types of plugs (type 1 and type 2) are usually used for this. One charging station, a socket and the right adapter cables: that’s all it takes to stay flexible and be fully prepared for different electric cars. xxxx

Correct Charging Power

The charging power of each electric car is different and depends on the manufacturer and model. In order to provide your employees and visitors with the fastest possible charge, we recommend a charging station with a charging power of 22 kW. Each electric car automatically sets its own maximum possible charging power.

Access Restriction

If the charging station is accessible to the public, or not everyone is entitled to use it for charging, then we recommend access restriction via RFID. The use of RFID cards also makes it possible to assign each charging process to the appropriate user. This makes user-specific recording and eventual billing possible.


An intelligent charging station with an electricity meter ensures that all charging processes can be recorded. The billing service @work from The Mobility House means that you can automatically bill the electricity costs to users liable for costs. The charging costs are then simply transferred to your account each month.

Company Policy

Depending on company policy, the free provision of electricity to employees may violate applicable compliance rules, as this would favour certain employees. With the billing service @work, these charging processes can be automatically billed in a cost-neutral and fair manner. xxx

Financial Advantage

If free or subsidised charging is provided on the company premises, employees may benefit from a financial advantage. In this case, you must take the applicable allowance thresholds into consideration. If the equivalent value of the charging electricity is over the threshold, the employee is obliged to declare and pay tax on this amount.


The bill on tax incentives for electromobility states that the financial advantage for the free or subsidised charging of private electric or hybrid vehicles on company premises should be tax exempt. This tax exemption only covers benefits in kind which are granted in addition to an employee’s wages (Section 3 No. 46 of the German Income Tax Act) and shall only apply from 2015 to 2019 (Section 52 para. 4 of the German Income Tax Act).

Give your Charging Station an Individual Stamp with your own Corporate Logo!

Our ICU EVe charging station is perfectly suited for semi-public use, such as on company premises. The display ensures very easy operation. Two charging sockets, each with 22 kW charging power, provide you with optimum flexibility for all electric cars and the fastest possible charging.

If you decide to opt for this charging station, we have a special additional service on offer: we will individualise your charging station with your personal corporate logo on the display.

This will make your charging station a real eye-catcher! This service is available from us on request. We would be delighted to send you more information regarding prices and requirements.

We Recommend Following Products for Charging on Company Premises

An einer Ladestation bzw. Wallbox laden Sie Ihr Elektroauto bis zu 10x schneller als an der Haushaltssteckdose. Die modernsten Sicherheitskriterien und die Montage durch einen qualitifzierten Elektroinstallateur ermöglicht ein sicheres Laden des E-Autos. Die leichte und bequeme Handhabung macht das Laden an der Wallbox zum Kinderspiel. Mit der eigenen Stromtankstellen können Sie flexibel und bequem zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden. Eine intelligente Stromnutzung und -abrechnung macht das Laden smart.

Charging Stations

  • Charge quickly: up to 10x quicker than with a regular domestic socket
  • Charge safely: the most modern safety standards and installation by qualified electricians
  • Charge conveniently: easy and convenient operation
  • Charge flexibly: with your own charging station at home or at work
  • Charge smartly: intelligent power management and billing

Billing Service @work

  • All charging processes are recorded at the charging station on the company premises
  • Flexible user management of users both liable and not liable for costs
  • Overview of all charging processes and statistics available in the customer portal at any time
  • Electricity costs are automatically collected from users liable for costs and reimbursed to the company
  • Guaranteed legal security (incl. tax law) and compliance

Billing Service @home

  • All charging processes recorded at home for company car drivers
  • Privately incurred electricity costs are automatically reimbursed to the company car driver
  • Electricity costs are automatically collected from the employer or leasing company
  • Overview of all charging processes and charging costs available in the customer portal at any time
  • Guaranteed legal security (incl. tax law) and compliance