The Mobility House – Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions for an Emissions-Free Energy and Automotive World.

Powerful stationary storage based on 2nd-use vehicle batteries help the ‘Energiewende’ achieve a breakthrough. As electricity from renewable energy sources is increasingly fed into power grids, the grids can be stabilised using stationary storage. They guarantee the base load and enable an emissions-free future.

To meet the growing need for energy storage, we implement the latest storage solutions based on vehicle batteries – for example as powerful, utility-scale stationary storage. We have developed technology that allows batteries to be integrated into the power grid. Controlled and bidirectional charging are our key competences.

With storage solutions from The Mobility House, the ‘Energiewende’ can be implemented faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. An additional benefit is that the life of vehicle batteries is extended through their 2nd-use application in the storage devices. This makes electric vehicles more competitive.

Our visions, concepts and specific projects prove that sophisticated technologies can blaze the trail for combining environmental protection with profitability.

Good. Better. Batteries.

  • Realisation and operation of industrial battery plants
  • Monetisation of vehicle battery storage solutions in energy markets
  • 2nd-use application of vehicle batteries
  • Increased competitiveness of electric vehicles
  • Sustainable business model: storage, locations, swarm management and monetisation, recycling
  • A faster, more efficient and more cost-effective 'Energiewende'
  • Emissions-free energy and automotive world

The Mobility House – the World’s Largest 2nd-Use Stationary Storage

In cooperation with Daimler AG and GETEC Energie AG, The Mobility House is constructing the world’s largest stationary storage made from 2nd-use vehicle batteries on the premises of Remondis SE in Lünen. Upon completion, the stationary storage plant will have a capacity of 13 megawatts. The technology allowing the vehicle batteries to be integrated into the power grid is provided by The Mobility House. Together with GETEC, we will jointly monetise the electricity in the energy markets.

With our technology, we help to achieve a breakthrough in electric mobility and revolutionise the energy markets.

Erster Praxiseinsatz: weltweit größter 2nd-Use Batteriespeicher in Lünen. Wir verlängern das Leben von Fahrzeugbatterien aus Elektroautos.

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