Upgrade Your Fleet to Make Them Electric Cars! Our Expertise Ensures Your Charging Infrastructure Fits Your Electric Fleet’s Requirements.

The Benefits of a Charging Infrastruture for Your Electric Fleet at a Glance

Optimise Your Processes

With charging stations, you can charge your fleet in a safe and representative manner. Above all, you will charge up to 10 x faster than with normal sockets. A charging infrastructure tailored to your requirements will ensure greater transparency, whilst also simplifying fleet management.

Impress Your Colleagues

Smart charging stations will track the usage of your fleet for you. Charging procedures are recorded correctly and billed accordingly. This means that you can also allow employees and third parties to use your facilities to charge their own electric cars (in return for payment).

Show the Spirit of Innovation

Changing over to electric cars with a suitable, smart charging infrastructure will boost your company’s image. You will be viewed as dynamic and open to innovation, as well as proving your affinity for ensuring sustainability.

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We Recommend the Following Charging Stations for Your Electric Fleet

ABL Wallbox eMH1 Basic

The easy-going one: 11 kW Charging station with integrated cable – simply plug in and charge

KEBA Wallbox 97.908 KeContact P30

The flexible option: For electric cars with different connector types, e.g. type 1 or type 2

Halböffentliche Ladestation mit zwei Ladepunkten für das Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen an Unternehmensstandorten und Hotels

ICU Wallbox EVe

The strong one: Charge two electric cars at the same time with up to 22 kW power

Be on the Safe Side with an Installation Check

1. Book an Installation Check

You can order an installation check for your electric installation in our online shop or by phoning our service team directly.

2. Have the Installation Check Carried Out

Our installation partner will arrange a date with you. A qualified electrician will then check the conditions of the electrics at your location.

3. Receive the Test Report

You will receive a detailed test report which complies with current standards and installation regulations for charging stations, as well as an individual quote.

Charging Stations and Accessories are Available in Our Online Shop.

We will Simplify Your Energy Billing: the @work and @home Billing Services Enables Straightforward User Billing for all Charging Processes and Costs

The Solution for Your Energy Billing

You can use the @work billing service to track, document and accurately bill for any charging for company or private vehicles at your charging stations. The charge process is allocated by means of user registration, for example via an RFID card.

With the @home billing service you can reimburse your employees for the electricity costs incurred when privately charging company cars at home – in a process that’s just as easy as using a fuel card.

Stromabrechnung für Elektroautos an Unternehmen
Order the Billing Services Now.

With a Load Balancing System, Multiple Electric Cars can Charge at the Same Time, Whilst also Avoiding Costly Peaks in Demand

Mehrere Elektroautos gleichzeitig laden mit einem Lastmanagement

Charge Multiple Electric Cars

Multiple cars can easily charge simultaneously, despite limitations to connection capacity.

Reduce Your Costs

Load management reliably controls electricity use in your company and prevents expensive peaks in demand.

Dynamisches Lastmanagement für Ladestationen ist flexibel erweiterbar

The System can Be Flexibly Expanded

Keep pace with the growth in electric mobility with the ability to integrate additional charging stations at any time.

Get more Information about Load Balancing.

Company Premises: Take Specific Steps to Reduce Your Electricity Costs by Using Solar Power

Charge Your Fleet with 100% Solar Power

With the smartfox energy manager you can use surplus solar energy generated by your company’s photovoltaic system to charge your electric car.


Minimise Your Costs

Your company will use less energy and therefore save on electricity costs whilst supporting charging electric cars in an eco-friendly way.

Order Energy Manager Now and Charge with Solar Power.
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