Our Investors Inspire, Challenge and Motivate Us. We Work With Them to Turn Our Electromobility Concepts into Reality Throughout Europe.

The Mobility House group is made up of businesses in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We have also had representation in the USA since the start of 2015. The holding company is Mobility House AG, a private limited company with its registered office in Zurich that unites the individual national head offices and governs the operational business in Switzerland.

There are currently four shareholder groups – two original shareholders and two institutional funds which have been investing since 2012. They have a common passion for all topics related to electromobility, including the vision that vast numbers of electric cars and their batteries acting as an energy buffer can provide a significant and profitable contribution to the energy revolution.

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The Mobility House nominated for Energy Awards At the Energy Awards 2014, The Mobility House was nominated in the category “Transportation Method of 2014” with its service relating to safe and quick charging of electric cars and the future use of car batteries for the energy market. Take a look at the nomination and related video.

The Mobility House as “Start-up of the Year” Götz Hoyer is the Managing Director of FHP Private Equity Consultants in Munich and picked out The Mobility House as start-up of the year back in 2013. Read the full article.

Winner of the EPCON Award 2010

Das Institute for International Research wird im Zuge seines 15. Jahresevents fŸr die šsterreichische Energiebranche - der EPCON 2010 - die innovativsten und Erfolg versprechendsten Produkte und Konzepte von Energieunternehmen auszeichnen.

Holder of the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2012


The Following Owners are Supporting The Mobility House on Its Journey into the Future of Electromobility

TMH Holding AG

  • Shareholding: majority stake in The Mobility House
  • Shareholders: founders, management & friends

Founder Thomas Raffeiner, members of the management and other non-institutional investors have been pioneers in the electromobility sector for many years. They are convinced that electromobility will become accepted as an alternative method of mobility. TMH-Investoren-Logos-Holding

Salzburg AG

  • Turnover: 1.4 billion Euro
  • Employees: 2000

Salzburg AG supplies the Federal State Land Salzburg with energy services, including a wide range of infrastructure services. The business is a pioneer for electromobility in Europe and had a leading role in the foundation of The Mobility House in Austria. TMH-Investoren-Logo_Salzburg-AG

Cleantech Europe II LP

  • Administered by Zouk Capital LLP
  • Fund size: 230 million euro

As a private equity fund manager, Zouk Capital invests in growing businesses and a diverse range of infrastructure projects involving Cleantech and renewable energy. With a focus on the European market, the ultimate aim is to create corporate values which enable long-term growth based on environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable products. TMH-Investoren-Logo_Wermuth  

Green Gateway Fund LP

  • advised by Wermuth Asset Management GmbH
  • Fund size: 110 million euro

Wermuth Asset Management specialises in sustainable investments. The Green Gateway Fund invests tens of millions in Western European businesses which are currently expanding and focusing on energy and resource-efficient products. TMH-Investoren-Logos-WAM