Is Charging The Electric Car with Own Photovoltaic Energy a Cheap Alternative to Purchasing Energy From the Grid?

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The demand for decentralised production of green electricity goes hand in hand with the rising popularity and expansion of electric mobility. The ideal case would be to charge your electric car with solar power from the roof of your house as this not only guarantees you to hit the road fully emissions-free but also might have a positive effect on your energy bill. Whilst household energy prices from the grid operators have increased by almost half within only the last 10 years (from an average of 19.46 c/kWh in 2006 to an average of 28.73 c/kWh in 2016), the feed-in remuneration for solar energy decreased to approx. 12 cents per kilowatt hour, according to the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft – BDEW). To accelerate the refinancing of your solar panels it might be an interesting option for you to increase self-consumption instead of supplying under-priced solar energy to the grid and redeeming it. To do so, you can run high energy-consuming household devices, e.g. washing machines or heat pumps and boilers, using your own solar energy. In the same way you can power the charging station for your electric car with energy from your PV installation.

How Much Can You Save when Charging Your Electric Car with Own Solar Energy?

You can easily calculate your individual potential savings using The Mobility House’s self-consumption calculator. Simply insert information about your PV installation, your electric car, your charging station and your user behaviour. The result shows how an intelligent system to regulate your charging processes helps you to increase your self-consumption and to reduce the operating costs of your electric car. As a result you can reduce both your energy bill and the payback period for your PV installation. This makes electric mobility fun.

Calculate your personal potential savings now

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