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An einer Ladestation bzw. Wallbox laden Sie Ihr Elektroauto bis zu 10x schneller als an der Haushaltssteckdose. Die modernsten Sicherheitskriterien und die Montage durch einen qualitifzierten Elektroinstallateur ermöglicht ein sicheres Laden des E-Autos. Die leichte und bequeme Handhabung macht das Laden an der Wallbox zum Kinderspiel. Mit der eigenen Stromtankstellen können Sie flexibel und bequem zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden. Eine intelligente Stromnutzung und -abrechnung macht das Laden smart.

Charging Stations for Your Electric Car

Electric cars pose new challenges for their owners. With your own charging station at home or at work, you can recharge your electric car’s battery quickly and efficiently. This will help you not only to save valuable time but also to stay flexible in your everyday life. Our comprehensive product range will help you find the suitable charging station for your needs.

Installation Services for Mounting Charging Stations

Charging your electric car poses high demands for your electrical set-up. The individual conditions of each place are of key importance for the installation. With our installation service you can be sure you’re in good hands. A qualified electrician will inspect your house’s set-up and application situation on site and carry out the installation and initial start-up of the charge station in accordance with currently valid standards and requirements.

Das Laden Ihres Elektroautos stellt hohe Anforderungen an Ihre Elektroinstallation. The Mobility House bietet einen Installationsservice, der genau dies berücksichtigt. Das Paket beinhaltet die Prüfung Ihrer Hausinstallation und Anwendungssituation durch einen qualifizierten Elektroinstallateur sowie die Montage und elektrische Inbetriebnahme der Wallbox gemäß der aktuell gültigen Normen. Für eventuelle Zusatzarbeiten, abgestimmt auf die spezifischen Gegebenheiten vor Ort, erhalten Sie ein unverbindliches und individuelles Angebot.

Billing Services for Your Electric Car

Charging electric cars is becoming ever more intelligent and connected.  The billing services @home and @work from The Mobility House allow charging processes to be recorded and evaluated at home for company car drivers, as well as on company premises or at hotels. Company car drivers are automatically reimbursed the private charging costs and companies can easily bill users if required.

Charging Your Electric Car with Photovoltaic Power

Charge your electric car with power from your photovoltaic unit and save costs – as well as achieving 100% emission-free driving. The smartfox energy manager optimises your solar power consumption, not just for your electric car but for your entire household. Your power usage becomes as environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient as it can possibly be – with total flexibility, transparency and control in the online portal and in the app.

Charging Your Electric Car with 100% Renewable Energy

Only with renewable energy can you drive 100% emission-free. Look for the quality seal when choosing your energy supplier, such as from TÜV Nord or the Green Power label, so that you can be sure it really is renewable. One supplier in Germany is Polarstern. They supply green electricity that is produced 100% from German hydropower, and supports sustainability projects on both a local and an international scale, driving forward the energy transformation. myNewEnergy makes it very easy to compare various renewable energy suppliers in Switzerland, and E-Control provides the same service in Austria.