Private Consumption Redefined: With the sonnenBatterie and a Charging Station from The Mobility House, You only Charge with Solar Power.

Ladestation für Elektroautos und sonnenBatterie ergänzen Sie optimal zum Optimieren des Eigenverbrauchs von PV-Strom

Maximum Private Consumption

With the charging station as an additional consumer for your home energy storage system sonnenBatterie, you optimise your private consumption in terms of your independence. Your electric car will be charged completely with your solar power emissions-free and free-of-charge.

Strong Partnership

sonnen and The Mobility House are two innovative companies cooperating to achieve their common goal of combining the sonnenBatterie with charging electric cars.

Smart Charging Station

The powerful ICU Eve Mini charging station can be operated easily via the colour display. With a charging power of up to 22kw, it can be used in a flexible way with various electric cars. The modern and elegant design perfectly fits the sonnenBatterie.

You Want to Connect Your ICU Charging Station with the sonnenBatterie?

Dream Team: ICU Eve Mini Charging Station and the sonnenBatterie

Integration einer Ladestation für Elektroautos in das Heimspeichersystem sonnenBatterie

Your PV installation produces most electricity at midday. However, electricity is most in demand early in the mornings and in the evenings. The sonnenBatterie stores the excess energy, which you can then use when you really need it, meaning you can make the best of the energy you have produced yourself from the sun.

The sonnenBaterrie’s intelligent management system automatically switches on your charging station and other energy consumers. In this way, you not only optimise your energy consumption in your household, but you charge your electric car free-of-charge completely with emission-free electricity.

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