Register Your Charging Station as a POI Destination. Appear in leading Navigation Systems and e-Mobility Databases for Electric Cars.

Increase Your Revenue Potential

You can increase the time customers spend at your location with a charging station for electric cars. This benefits you in two ways: You keep customers at your location, allowing you to increase your revenue through additional services.

Increase Your Reach

Having a charging station registered as a point of interest in leading navigation systems increases your location’s visibility. Your charging station will be found by electric-car drivers who are looking for somewhere to charge.

Demonstrate Environmental Awareness

A POI distinguishes you from your competitors. As part of a semi-public charging network, you make a statement for future-oriented business and show that sustainability is a core value of your company culture.

Register Your Charging Station as a POI Destination quickly and easily now.

What are the Benefits of Registering Your Charging Station as a POI?

POI Target Group

Registering charging stations as POIs is aimed at anyone who offers semi-public and public charging stations and wants to demonstrate their awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.

Maps and Databases

  • Car manufacturers (including BMW, NISSAN and Renault)
  • Producers of navigation systems (including TomTom, Here)
  • Other map services (including ChargeMap*, GoingElectric*, Lemnet*, Open Charge Map, Hubject, Ladeatlas Bayern* and many more / * = go live in approx. six weeks)

From Ordering to Becoming a POI

Simply request your charging station to become a POI in our online shop. You will then receive an e-mail from us with a registration link. When you provide us with all the information about your charging station, we will arrange for its integration into the databases.

Increased Visibility

The inclusion of your charging station in the databases depends on the update cycles of the producers and providers. As soon as you are online with your charging station, you will appear on the radar of electric-car drivers, who can now drive directly to your company’s location. We assume the operating time and costs for you and pass on the information about your charging station.

Register Your Charging Station as a POI Destination now.