We Offer Our Private and Business Customers User-Specific Charging Solutions for their Electric Cars – at Home, at Work, on the Road.

Use a Charging Station for Fast, Convenient and Smart Charging

Fast Charging

The faster you charge, the sooner your electric car is ready to hit the road again. You can be as flexible as always, and cover more miles using just electricity, and do the environment good as well!


Convenient Charging

Having your own charging station saves  valuable time that you would usually have to waste on a trip to the public charger. Arriving at home, you can start your electric car charging with just a single hand movement.

Smart Charging

Smart charging stations can be integrated into your Smart Home System. You can power them by using photovoltaic energy, control their power consumption, or simply bill users for the charged energy.

High-Quality Charging

Our charging stations are developed and manufactured in accordance with the leading quality standards, and offer outstanding value for money. Our partners are experienced and established manufacturers.

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Find the Right Charging Station for Your Electric Car and Your Needs.

Key Facts at a Glance: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Charging Station

6 Tips for Buying a Charging Station

When buying a charging station, it is important not only to consider the charging connection your electric car will need. Make sure to opt for a future-proof charging solution that provides the necessary charging power and functions to suit your plans.


Charging Terminology Explained

Many charging station manufacturers use different terms for one and the same feature. To provide you guidance through the technical terminology our experts summarized the information you need in a clear way that is easy to understand.


Do You Live in a Rented Flat? No Problem

We explain how you can get your own charging station on your parking space in 5 steps. Use our letter template to answer all your landlord’s questions about charging electric cars.


Our Checklists Help You to Estimate the Costs of Installing Your Charging Station

What it Costs to Install a Charging Station

Installation is an additional cost factor to the buy of a charging station itself. We have created a checklist for you so that you can estimate the costs in advance. Our case studies also help you to see where costs may incur. Why not see if one of the examples matches your situation?

Schnell & sicher laden mit einer Ladestation für Ihr Elektroauto.

6 Things You Should Bear in Mind During Installation

For safety reasons, and due to legal regulations, there are a few important aspects that must be considered during the installation of a charging station. Read our installation tips to prevent from harm or cable fires, and make sure a qualified electrical engineer carries out the installation for you.


Do You Represent a Business or Company? We Have the Right Charging Solution for You

Steckdosen sind bei Ihnen zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz reichlich vorhanden und viele elektrische Fahrzeuge können bei Nutzung eines Ladekabels mit Kontrollgerät auch an der normalen Haushaltssteckdose geladen werden. Jedoch sind die meisten, haushaltsüblichen Anschlüsse nicht für stundenlanges Laden von Plug-in Hybriden und Elektroautos bei hoher Last ausgelegt. Die Sicherung kann auslösen und es besteht Überhitzungsgefahr. Daher empfehlen Automobilhersteller sowie unabhängige Prüfinstitute das Laden über eine besonders gesicherte, leistungsfähige Ladestation, welche an einer speziell dafür ausgelegten Elektroinstallation angeschlossen wird.

Can You Charge Your Electric Car Using a Domestic Socket? It is Better Not to Do so.

What would happen if You charged your electric car using a domestic socket? In the short term, not a lot. In the long term, these sockets are not equipped for charging at high loads for long periods. For this reason, using them to charge plug-in hybrids or electric cars can trip the fuse and cause overheating. Car manufacturers and independent testing institutes therefore recommend checking your home installation and using a specially secured charging station with sufficient power.

Take a look at our blog post Wallbox: saving money through efficient charging to find out more about how you can protect your wallet by using a charging station.

Do You Have Any Questions about Charging Electric Cars?