Do You Need Help Installing Your Charging Station? – Benefit from Our All-Round Carefree Package Including 24-month Guarantee with Immediate Exchange Service as Part of the Installation Service.

With a driving distance of 15,000 km a year, an electric car consumes about half as much energy as the average family household. Charging your electric car therefore poses high demands for your electrical set-up. Not every building, garage or parking space is the same. The individual conditions of each place are of key importance for the installation of a charging station. The expenditure needed for safe installation is ultimately always individual and depends on several factors.


The Mobility House offers a good-value installation service which takes these aspects into account and includes all the steps necessary for each installation. If additional works are necessary, we will be happy to offer you an individualised and non-binding proposal suited to match your specific circumstances.

Services Included in the Installation

  • On-site inspection of electric installation and application situation
  • Creation of an unbinding offer if individual, additional works are required (e.g. wall break through or laying cables etc.)
  • Installation and initial start-up of charging station by qualified electricians and documentation in results log
  • Instructions on how to operate the charging station
  • 24-month guarantee including use of a service hotline and instant exchange service in the case of a claim made under warranty

Get Your Personal Installation Service with Ease

Order Online

Order online: order the installation service from The Mobility House simply and conveniently together with a charging station from our online shop.

Scheduling an Appointment

Our installation partners will call you and agree a date for the installation with you personally.

Installation Service

A qualified electrician will assess your home installation and install the charging station. A non-binding proposal for additional works which may be necessary will be compiled for you on site.

What Additional Costs Might Arise During the Installation of a Charging Station for My Electric Car?

The Mobility House has already carried out more than 3,500 installations of charging stations for electric cars across Europe. The data we have gathered on necessary additional works for Germany, Austria and Switzerland has been evaluated for you so that you can assess what additional costs may occur for you. For a 3.7 kW installation of a charging station, the costs for necessary additional works in 75 per cent of all installation services carried out by The Mobility House were below € 490. For the connection of an 11 kW charging station, the cost were under € 800 in 75 per cent of cases and under € 2,100 for a 22 kW charging station.


    Examples of additional works:
  • Additional laying of cables
  • Installing RCD and circuit breaker
  • Obtaining approval for 22 kW charging station from network operator
  • Wall break through

Short Stories Explain How Additional Costs for Installing a Charging Station Arise

The costs for the additional works are as individual as you are. We have compiled real cases with real costs from our daily experiences in the form of short stories. Amongst others, Thomas and Susanne explain their situation, which electric cars they own, and what additional work was necessary.

Thomas lives in a detached house with a garage and would like to charge his Tesla Model S (22 kW double charger) at home

Previously, only a power supply for lighting and two domestic sockets in Thomas’ garage were available. This is not enough to charge the Tesla quickly. For the 22 kW connection of the KEBA charging station, 18 m of cabling from the fuse box in the house to the garage had to be installed. Here, it was necessary to break through a wall. In additional the electrician had to … read more

Franz lives in a semi-detached house with garage and drives a Renault ZOE

Franz read some information about charging his ZOE at home on the internet and decided to seek the advice of The Mobility House. He calls the Service Center and is forwarded to Michael, one of TMH’s experts. Franz briefly outlines his situation. At the time the house was built, he had already been thinking that in future he might drive an electric car and would like to equip his garage with a 22 kW industrial socket… read more

Daniel lives in a block of flats and would like to charge his smart electric drive in the underground garage with 22 kW

The parking space and the walls of the garage are deemed communal property. Therefore, Daniel needed the approval of the community of owners before making constructional changes. In order to agree to the installation with the community of owners, he first contacted the building administrator by e-mail and requested more information on the approval process. … read more

What Must I Bear in Mind When Installing a Charging Station for Electric Cars?

Better safe than sorry! Charging your electric car poses high demands for your electrical installation. We have put the most important information regarding electrical installation together for you. Find out what you need to bear in mind when installing a charging station at home.

Mit der eigenen Stromtankstelle zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden Sie die Batterie Ihres Elektroautos schnell und effizient wieder voll.

Order the Right Charging Station Now, Including Installation Service!

Das Laden Ihres Elektroautos stellt hohe Anforderungen an Ihre Elektroinstallation. The Mobility House bietet einen Installationsservice, der genau dies berücksichtigt. Das Paket beinhaltet die Prüfung Ihrer Hausinstallation und Anwendungssituation durch einen qualifizierten Elektroinstallateur sowie die Montage und elektrische Inbetriebnahme der Wallbox gemäß der aktuell gültigen Normen. Für eventuelle Zusatzarbeiten, abgestimmt auf die spezifischen Gegebenheiten vor Ort, erhalten Sie ein unverbindliches und individuelles Angebot.

Installation Service

  • On-site inspection of electric installation and application situation
  • Installation and initial start-up of charging station by qualified electricians
  • Non-binding proposal, should individual additional works be necessary
  • 24-month guarantee including use of a service hotline and instant exchange service in the case of a claim made under warranty
An einer Ladestation bzw. Wallbox laden Sie Ihr Elektroauto bis zu 10x schneller als an der Haushaltssteckdose. Die modernsten Sicherheitskriterien und die Montage durch einen qualitifzierten Elektroinstallateur ermöglicht ein sicheres Laden des E-Autos. Die leichte und bequeme Handhabung macht das Laden an der Wallbox zum Kinderspiel. Mit der eigenen Stromtankstellen können Sie flexibel und bequem zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz laden. Eine intelligente Stromnutzung und -abrechnung macht das Laden smart.

Charging Station

  • Charge quickly: up to 10x quicker than with a regular household socket
  • Charge safely: the most modern safety standards and installation by qualified electricians
  • Charge conveniently: easy and convenient operation
  • Charge flexibly: with your own charging station at home or at work
  • Charge smart: intelligent power usage and accounting