Thomas Raffeiner at the First SZ Impulse Conference with the Slogan “Smart, Digital and Networked”

13. May 2016 PR Company, Energy Storage, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Tags: , , , 0 Comments

Once upon a time there was a coachman…, Thomas Raffeiner began at the first SZ Impulse Conference, “Smart, digital and networked – innovative business models for the ‘Energiewende’ of the future”, and used a series of images to illustrate the disruptive development from the coach to the automobile in the course of 12 years. His clear message to the public: “The digitalisation of the energy market is the key to the further development of the ‘Energiewende’. Using intelligently controlled car batteries as storage devices is the future.”

Numerous experts from business, politics and science met in Berlin to discuss the digitalisation of the energy world. The focal points of the conference, besides Smart Home and Smart Living, were storage devices, distribution platforms and services, as well as the use of digitalisation and the idea of disruption in companies.

Easter Parade 1900: 5th Ave, New York. Can you find the Automobile?

Easter Parade 1913: 5th Ave, New York. Can you find the Coach?

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