be.ENERGISED Monitoring

(Single Package KEBA)
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  • Overview of all charging processes in the be.ENERGISED web app
  • Enter and manage an unlimited amount of RFID cards that can be used to charge for free
  • Option to make charging station available to the public and set your own rates
  • Free connection to roaming networks (e.g. Hubject)
  • Incl. configuration package for the KEBA KeContact P30 x-series
  • Invoicing in accordance with calibration law possible in conjunction with charging stations calibrated according to calibration law
  • Only for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and only for commercial customers
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Maintain a consistent overview of all charging data, manage your charging station and even earn money with be.ENERGISED Monitoring

be.ENERGISED Monitoring is an all-round talent! See who is using how much power at your charging station, and when, whenever you like. Besides that, you can decide whether to make your charging station available to the public. Automatic invoicing for publicly accessible charging stations is included at no extra cost. You can decide for yourself how much you want to charge.

Collect and visualise relevant data

In addition to overall consumption, the be.ENERGISED web app lets you see exactly when and for how long someone has used the charging station and how much power has been consumed. This lets you precisely analyse the charging behaviour of your users and use this analysis to make decisions about future actions. Besides that, you can easily answer questions such as: “When is an additional charging station worth the investment?”

Specify public charging stations

For each charging station, you can decide whether you want to make it available to all drivers of electric cars or only your company’s fleet. You can enter an unlimited amount of users users who can charge their vehicles free of charge using RFID cards. For the public, charging can be initiated either with a charging card or via mobile direct payment without prior registration.

Earn money with the charging station

Do you want to make your charging station(s) available to all drivers of electric cars? Just activate the free be.ENERGISED Managed Community and set your desired rates. Invoicing is carried out completely automatically and you will receive a monthly credit for your earnings.

Marketing the charging station

be.ENERGISED posts the charging station on the most essential platforms to allow drivers of electric cars to find your publicly accessibly charging station. These include ChargeNow, intercharge, NewMotion,,, Going Electric,, Cirrantic and OpenChargeMap, among others. You can also download the data via Google Place Export and GeoJSON Export and import it into Google Maps, for example. Dynamic data allows the provider’s app to indicate whether the charging station is free or in use at any given time

Drivers can charge their electric cars using a charging card or by paying with credit card or PayPal.

More than 180,000 electric car drivers with charging cards from various providers can easily charge their cars at your charging station. A list of providers with compatible charging cards is provided below. Alternatively, charging can also take place without prior registration by using a QR code scanner on a smartphone and entering a credit card or PayPal account. This allows any electric car driver to use your charging station.

List of providers with compatible charging cards

PlugSurfing E.ON Bosch SI chargeIT mobility
NewMotion EnBW Heldele Enio
BMW ChargeNow Groupe E CIRRANTIC ChargePoint
Renault Z.E. Pass Virta Last Mile Solutions EWE
Mercedes Charge&Pay eeMobility Electromaps GP Joule

Data transfer via internet and OCPP

In order for be.ENERGISED Monitoring to work, the charging station must be connected to the internet via a mobile data connection (SIM card). The charging station communicates with be.ENERGISED via the universal communication protocol OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). The SIM card, including data volume, is already included in the price of be.ENERGISED Monitoring. That means that there are no additional running costs for monitoring or invoicing.

Service via remote access

Service interruptions are usually solved quickly via remote access — e.g. by restarting the charging station or installing an update. In many cases, this will spare you the expense of having a service technician come out to analyse and solve the problem on site.

Which charging stations are compatible with be.ENERGISED Monitoring?

be.ENERGISED Monitoring can be used with many charging stations. Certified manufacturers such as KEBA and IES Synergy offer inexpensive, pre-configured complete packages, making it particularly easy to get started. Of course, you can also manage up to 20 different charging stations and manufacturers in your be.ENERGISED Monitoring Portal. Please get in touch if you have questions about the integration of charging stations.

Frequently asked questions:

Which package do I need?

be.ENERGISED Monitoring Single Package: for anyone with just one charging station or multiple charging stations that are not connected. In this case you will need one Single Package for each charging station (e.g. 3x KEBA KeContact x-series).

be.ENERGISED Monitoring Plus Package: for anyone with multiple interconnected charging stations. You are charged per location and can integrate up to 20 charging stations in your be.ENERGISED Monitoring portal (e.g. 1 x KEBA KeContact P30 x-Series + 2 x KEBA KeContact P30 c-Series).

How do I activate be.ENERGISED Monitoring?

The activation process is quite simple. After receiving and installing your charging station and the be.ENERGISED package, contact the be.ENERGISED team. You will receive an operating contract to sign and send back. After that, you will receive the login details for your account, and you’ll be ready to go!

How can I set up and manage my be.ENERGISED Monitoring Portal?

In the be.ENERGISED Monitoring portal, you can manage your charging stations and user settings, set the location and hours of operation for each charging station, enter new RFID cards, set rates, and much more. You can find detailed information about the initial setup for be.ENERGISED Monitoring here.

Which rates can I select in be.ENERGISED Monitoring if I want to make the charging station accessible to the public?

You can choose from a number of different rates in be.ENERGISED Monitoring: time-based rates, kWh-based rates and flat rates. Please pay attention to any country-specific regulations when choosing rates. You can see an overview of all available rates here.

How does invoicing work?

Set a rate

You decide how much you want to charge for use of the charging station — per hour, per kWh, or per charging process. How the driver of an electric car logs in to your charging station and pays makes no difference.

 For example:

1. The driver pays with his charging card or without prior registration by using the mobile app with PayPal:
Your rate: The driver pays EUR 5.00 net per hour (MC_T_500)
For each charging process, you receive EUR 3.75 net per hour at the end of the month.
Invoicing is exact to the minute; however, the end customer is always charged a minimum fee. In the case of the EUR 5.00 rate, this is EUR 2.25.

2. The driver of an electric car uses one of their personal RFID cards:
The charging process is free of charge for the driver. No fees are calculated.

Monthly payments

On the first day of the following month, you will receive a list of all charging processes and the income from your charging station. Payment will be made to your account via bank transfer within 20 calendar days.

Can I incorporate more than 20 charging stations?

No. A maximum of 20 charging stations can be managed with be.ENERGISED Monitoring. If you would like to manage more than 20 charging stations, you can easily switch to one of the be.ENERGISED Pro solutions.

When will my charging station be displayed by the various charging network providers?

It can take 3–4 weeks before your charging station is incorporated into the various platforms.

Delivery includes:

  • 1 x SIM card for communication
  • 1 x KEBA USB stick including configuration file
  • 1 x QR code sticker for publicly accessible charging stations
  • 1 x RFID card
  • 1 x Welcome letter and configuration instructions

Any further questions?

Our knowledge center tells you everything you need to know about charging electric cars, such as what you need to bear in mind when buying and installing a charging station.

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