Monitoring Package ICU

(ICU Eve Mini & WebApp EZ™)
  • WebApp
  • RFID
  • Billing
  • Load Management
  • OCPP
  • SIM
Delivery time : 2-3 weeks, no express possible
  • ICU Eve Mini & EZ™: Intelligence meets smart design
  • Up to 22 kW of charging power (charge 10x more quickly)
  • WebApp to capture all your charging data
  • Integrated RCD including residual current recognition (cost reduction up to 150€)
  • Communication via LAN
  • RFID access protection (can be deactivated)
  • Suitable for all electric cars 

Full transparency and control of your charging station – With the ICU Eve Mini and EZ™ web app you keep track of all charging activities

The high-end ICU Eve Mini looks good and is easy to use. The EZTM web app displays your charging processes – you can see when, how long and how much electricity you are charging, as well as how much you have consumed so far.

Robust material

Suitable for indoors or out – the housing is made from composite material reinforced with glass fibre, which makes the ICU Eve Mini so robust. Thanks to its timeless design, the charging station will look attractive either in the garage or out in the open air in your car park.

Full control

With the web app EZ™ ICU you record all charging processes with ease online, and you can access them using any device at any time. The datasets can be exported easily – for example, for billing purposes. It takes just a few clicks to manage different users by adding new RFID cards.

Charging progress can be seen at all times

With the web app EZ™ ICU you record all charging processes with ease online, and you can access them using any device at any time. The datasets can be exported easily – for example, for billing purposes. It takes just a few clicks to manage different users by adding new RFID cards. Find out more in this video by ICU.

Individualisierbares Farbdisplay

Dank der einfachen Ladeanweisungen kann jetzt jeder die Ladestation ohne Vorkenntnisse bedienen. Gegen Aufpreis können Sie der ICU Eve Mini mit Ihrem Firmenlogo einen individuellen Touch verleihen.

LAN communication

It’s easy to integrate the ICU Eve Mini into your network via a LAN cable or a Powerline adapter. Once you have done that, all charging processes will be recorded by the web app.

RFID access restriction

Only users who have been approved in theEZ™ web app in advance can charge at your charging station. Drivers of electrical cars use an RFID charging card or key fob to unlock the charging station and start the charging process. Prefer not to have an RFID function? Then we’ll deactivate it for you.

Integrated fault current sensor

ICU is committed to safety. The ICU Eve Mini comes with a DC fault current sensor as standard. This saves you money on an expensive type B RCD in domestic installation, as you need only the cost-effective type A RCD.

Quicker charging

With the ICU Eve Mini charging station, you can charge up to 10 times as quickly as at a standard domestic socket. Take a look at our charging time summary to see how quickly the battery in your electric car will be fully charged so that you can get back on the road.

A charging station for different electric cars

Whether you want to charge an electric car with a Type 1 or Type 2 plug, with the correct charging cable you can charge every electric car.

Quality product from the Netherlands

The full design, development and manufacturing process for the ICU Eve is performed by Alfen in the Netherlands. Alfen, a high-tech company, is known for outstanding quality and highly user-friendly products.

Delivery includes:

  • Charging station
  • RFID card and rfid key fob
  • Assembly material including drill template
  • Installation manual
  • User manual

Any further questions?

Our knowledge center tells you everything you need to know about charging electric cars, such as what you need to bear in mind when buying and installing a charging station.
More Information
Cable length -
Manufacturer Alfen
Colour Traffic white (RAL9016)
Product dimensions (wxhxd) 240 x 370 x 130 mm
Weight ca. 4 kg
Installation variations Wall mount or installation on a pole (stainless steel)
Rated current 32 A
Charging power 22 kW
Voltage 400 V
Communication in acc. with IEC 61851-1, Mode 3
Plug type Type 2 (in acc. with ICE 62196-2)
Standards & directives IEC 61851-1 (2010) and IEC 61851-22 (2010, Renault Z. E. READY)
Degree of protection IP54 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use
Storage & operating temperature (no direct sunlight), permitted relative humidity -20°C to 40°C, 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Access protection RFID
DC fault current detection Yes
Delivery includes Charging station, instruction manual, drilling template, 2 RFID cards
Energy meter MID-approved, suitable for billing
Charging station type Fixed charging station
Safety features DC protection
Communication module LAN cable
Communication protocol OCPP
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The charging station has a type 2 socket and combined with the right charging cable charges electric cars of all brands

Geeignet für alle Audi-Modelle
Geeignet für alle BMW i-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Chevrolet-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Citroën-Modelle
Geeignet für alle e.GO-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Fisker-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Ford-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Hyundai-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Jaguar-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Kia-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Mercedes-Benz-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Mitsubishi-Modelle
Geeignet für alle NISSAN-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Opel-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Peugeot-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Porsche-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Renault-Modelle
Geeignet für alle smart-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Streetscooter-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Tesla-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Toyota-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Volkswagen-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Volvo-Modelle