Installation check

(only available in Germany)
Delivery time: On request
  • On-site inspection of electrical installations
  • Submission of a non-binding cost estimate if individual, additional installation work is required (e.g. transfer of cables or installation of fuses)
  • Electrical installations up to 22 kW connection capacity
  • Applies for one charging station (one or two charging points)
  • Offer applies only to charging stations purchased from The Mobility House and is only available in Germany

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The installation check of The Mobility House, contains an on-site inspection of electrical installations and a non-binding cost estimate for the installation of a charging station.

During the installation check, our specialists check the electrical requirements of the network in your house and record all measures for a standard installation of your charging station.


Please note:

Depending on the individual initial situation, it is possible that, in addition to our offer, you may need to make additional preparations: 

  • the new installation / extension of the meter cabinet
  • the execution of earthworks
  • fire protection measures
  • the commissioning of a power increase or a separate meter from your network operator

You can view all necessary measures at any time in the detailed test protocol.

Why do I need the installation check from The Mobility House?

An electric car uses approximately half as much energy as the average family household. This means that charging your electric car makes huge demands on your home's electricity installation. Not every building, every garage and every car parking place is the same. The particular conditions of the location where your car is parked are of major importance for the installation. The work involved in installing a charging station therefore always depends on the location and a number of other factors. The assembly, commissioning and maintenance of a charging station should only be carried out by qualified and authorised electricians and must always comply with existing installation standards and guidelines.

What happens during the installation check

The installation check offered by The Mobility House meets precisely these conditions. A single, attractive price is offered for those steps in the installation process which are standard for every installation, and covers the inspection by a qualified electrician of your home's electrical installation and an assessment of the situation in which the charging application is to be used. The price also includes assembly and electrical commissioning of the charging station in compliance with current standards and requirements. If additional work is required in order to tailor the installation to the specific conditions of the situation in which the station is to be installed, you will be given a non-binding and individual cost estimate.

This is how it continues after the installation check:

If you have already purchased and received the charging station and only a few work steps are required, you can hire the electrician on site to complete the installation. If more time is required or you still have to buy a charging station, an installation date will be arranged shortly.

This is how it works:

  • Select a charging station in our online-shop and place it in your online shopping basket
  • Put the installation check in your online shopping basket
  • Our service team will contact you by telephone within 3 working days in order to arrange an appointment.
  • The ordered charging station will be conveniently delivered to your home within the arranged delivery time.
  • A qualified electrician will come to your home and carry out the installation check for you.
  • You will then receive your personal quote for the installation of your charging solution from The Mobility House.

The TMH installation check is only available in conjunction with the purchase of a charging station from The Mobility House. If you have a charging station that you purchased from us previously, simply give the relevant invoice and order number during the order process. The TMH installation check can only be provided within Germany.

What happens if the electrician concludes that it is not possible to install the charging station for your electric car?

If for technical reasons it is not possible to install the charging station at your desired location, all you have to pay is a one-off cancellation fee of €99.00.

What does additional work consist of, and how expensive might it be?

Depending on how well your electric installation is prepared, you may incur additional costs. These will be set out in an individual offer. The additional installation work depends, amongst other things, on the following factors:

  • What type of electricity installation is the charging station designed to be used with? A Type A FI with EV direct current may be necessary.
  • Is there already a domestic or industrial electric socket in the immediate vicinity of your parking place?
  • How great is the distance between your parked car and the connection to the electricity system?
  • How great is the distance from the charging station to the fuse box?
  • Will an individual electricity meter have to be installed?
  • Are any wall penetrations required?
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