KEBA KeContact P30 x-series 109.672 Wallbox

(22 kW, 6m type 2 cable, RFID, MID, LAN/WLAN/SIM, OCPP 1.6, DC)
Delivery time: 1-3 working days, Express: next working day if ordered until 2 p.m.
  • RFID
  • Solar Integration
  • Load Management
  • OCPP
  • SIM
  • LAN

One charging station, lots of potential uses 

  • Up to 22 kW charging power (charge 10x faster) 
  • Easily configurable charging power: 2.3–22 kW 
  • Billing with the KEBA charging station thanks to MID certification 
  • Integrated DC residual current sensor 
  • LED display alternately shows overall meter reading and the last charging process 
  • Communication over a mobile data connection (4G) or LAN/WLAN 
  • Web interface for reading RFID and charging data 
  • Load management master: controls up to 15 KEBA KeContact P30 c-series charging stations 
  • Compatible with various backend systems via OCPP 1.6 
  • RFID access protection (can be activated optionally) 
  • Suitable for all electric cars
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The MID-certified KEBA KeContact P30 x series guarantees correct meter values for billing by precise kilowatt hours 

Do you want to build a small electric car fleet, and always make best use of the maximum available charging power? Then equip your car park, underground garage or hotel with a KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station for electric cars. Using the right backend system, you can also easily track charging processes for all electric cars, manage individual users or bill for electricity usage.

Easy billing for charging processes with suitable backend* 

The KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station allows straightforward, functional and cost-effective load management. A KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station only needs to be programmed as a master once. It can then control up to 15 KEBA KeContact P30 c-series charging stations (slaves). The master charging station ensures that maximum power –as previously set – is not exceeded. If the potential charging power of individual electric cars exceeds the defined figure, the charging power of all charging stations is automatically reduced until sufficient power is available again. This saves you the cost of upgrading your power outlet, and makes best use of the available power.

KEBA master/slave load management 

The KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station enables simple, functional, and inexpensive load management. You program your KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station once as master. It then controls up to 15 KEBA KeContact P30 c-series charging stations (slaves). The master charging station ensures that a previously defined maximum power is not exceeded. If all of the individual electric cars’ potential charging power exceeds this value, the charging power of all the charging stations is automatically reduced until sufficient power is available again. This means you save the high costs involved in upgrading your electrical connection and makes ideal use of the available power.

OCPP for communication with backend 

KEBA x-series charging stations can be integrated into a wide range of smart home and energy management systems, and can be controlled via the ethernet interface which sets KEBA apart from the competition. It is also easy to connect a smart meter. This meter ensures smart optimisation of the charging station charging power, and adjusts the power to match the current domestic energy consumption. The charging station communicates locally via the modbus TCP and UDP communication protocol. The following brands are compatible with KEBA: The Mobility House, Loxone, Mygekko, smartfox, Solarlog, TQ-Systems. 

Compatible with a large number of energy management systems 

KEBA x-series charging stations can be incorporated into all kinds of smart home and energy management systems and controlled via the Ethernet interface. This makes KEBA stand out from its competitors. You can also simply connect a smart meter to intelligently optimize the charging power of the charging station and adjust the current energy consumption in the household. The charging station communicates locally via Modbus TCP or UDP. The following brands are compatible with KEBA: The Mobility House, Loxone, Mygekko, smartfox, Solarlog, TQ-Systems. 

Internet connection over mobile data (4G) & LAN 

You decide whether to transfer the data to and from the KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station via mobile date (4G), LAN, or WLAN.For data transfer over a mobile data connection, you need a SIM card. This can usually be obtained from your backend provider.You should also make sure in advance that you have a mobile Internet connection at the place of installation.For successful communication via LAN or WLAN, you may need to adjust the network settings to suit your Internet router. 
Please note: The router can be connected via WLAN only if the charging stations are operated individually.For master/slave networks, LAN is required.

Faster charging 

With the KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station, you can charge up to 10 times faster than with a conventional domestic socket.  Please refer to ourcharging time summary to find out how long your electric car’s battery will take to recharge and how soon you’ll be ready to drive off. 

High-quality workmanship and ease of use 

Whether they’re used indoors or outdoors, the electrical engineering components are reliably protected by high-quality materials like weatherproof and impact-resistant plastic. The KEBA KeContact P30 x-series charging station is easy to use and always displays the current operating status with multi-colored LEDs. 

Energy meter with LED display 

The KEBA KeContact P30 x series with MID-certified meter shows on the LED display alternately the overall consumption and how much power you have charged in the last charging process with your electric car. The calibrated meter guarantees that the power displayed as consumption is the power that you have actually charged. 


The KEBA KeContact P30 x-series shows on the LED display precisely how much power you have charged in the last charging process with your electric car.When the charging station is restarted, the overall consumption is also displayed. 

Integrated residual current sensor 

In order to prevent system overload and blown fuses, the charging power of the charging station must match the upstream installation and fuse protection. In contrast to other manufacturers, the KEBA charging station allows easy adjustment of the charging power via dip switches, to values between 2.3 and 22 kW.

Configurable charging power 

The charging station’s charging power must be matched to the upstream installation and fuse protection to exclude the possibility of system overloads and flying fuses. Unlike solutions from other manufacturers, KEBA’s charging stations make setting the charging power between 2.3 and 22 kW a breeze with DIP switches. 

RFID closing function 

Only users whose RFID cards are stored at the charging station can charge at your charging station.  If an OCPP backend is used, new RFID cards are taught in in the backend. Without a backend, RFID cards are activated directly at the charging station using the supplied master card. Drivers of electric cars use an RFID charging card to unlock the charging station and start the charging process. The RFID function is disabled on delivery. 

Continue charging after a fault 

The auto recovery functionautomatically re-initiates the charging process if a fault occurs. This means that your electric car is reliably charged after a grid voltage failure, excess temperature, or leakage current shutdown, and you can complete your next journey without having to charge on the way, as your battery will be full. 

Charging electric cars with a type 2 plug 

You can charge almost all electric cars with the KEBA charging station featuring a type 2 charging cable. Nissan, along with European car manufacturers, has now started to install the type 2 plug in its new models in Europe. The charging cable is already integrated in the charging station. All you have to do is plug it in and start charging. 

A quality product from Austria 

The KeContact P30 series from the Austrian electronic company KEBA makes it quick and easy to charge electric cars. KEBA has been developing and producing solutions for industrial, banking and service automation since 1968. As an innovative automation expert, KEBA has applied its wide-ranging expertise to energy automation since 2009, and offers an all-round infrastructure solution for electric mobility.

Delivery Includes:

  • Charging station
  • User manual (for the end customer)
  • Drilling template
  • 1x RFID card

What is meant by KEBA b-series, c-series and x-series? What are the differences between them?

Our overview of the KEBA KeContact P30 range explains exactly what features are included in the various charging station variants.

Didn’t Find the Right KEBA P30 Variant?

Do you need a KEBA P30 variant which is not available in the shop? No problem. We can supply any KEBA variant on request. Simply send us an email  to [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also order by phone on +49 89 4161 430 70.

Any other questions?

Our knowledge centre can tell you everything you need to know about charging your electric car.For example, you can visit the centre for advice on what to look out for when buying and installing a charging station.

More Information
Manufacturer KEBA
Colour Grey
Product dimensions (wxhxd) 240 x 643 x 140 mm
Weight 4,8 kg
Degree of protection IP54 splash-proof, suitable for outdoor use
Installation variations Wall mount, Pedestal column
Delivery includes Charging station, instruction manual, drilling template, 1 RFID card
Charging power 3,7 kW, 5,5 kW, 7,4 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW, configurable
Number of charge points 1
Rated current 10 A, 13 A, 16 A, 20 A, 25 A, 32 A, configurable
Voltage 230/400 V
Phase 3-phase
Connection Type 2 charging cable
Cable length 6 m
Safety features DC protection
Energy meter MID
Access protection RFID
Status display LED
Communication module LAN, Wi-Fi, SIM
Included features Load management
Communication protocol OCPP
Compatible with services PV energy management system
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