Daimler Batteriespeicher

Stationary energy storage plants are becoming increasingly important and valuable. They promote the energy revolution, reduce grid expansion and guarantee a safe supply. In future, this function will also be fulfilled by stationary energy storage plants, which incorporate first- or second-life batteries into stationary storage. If anyone should know about stationary storage, it is the manufacturers of electric cars which require batteries that satisfy the highest quality demands.

The Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUmotive have started with the first industrial stationary storage from vehicle batteries. 500kWh are already in use in Kamenz, Saxony, and will be increased to 3000kWh in the coming weeks. These stationary storages by Daimler are operated by the partnership of The Mobility House and GETEC by means of the joint venture Coulomb and marketed to the German electricity exchange. Coulomb uses the stationary storages from Kamenz for network stabilisation and smoothing out load peaks.

Read Daimler’s press release for more information