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Update: The project was successfully completed at the end of 2022 and handed over to the responsible energy provider and partner Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira S.A.(EEM). Over four years, The Mobility House was able to gain important insights into the interaction of different players in the energy system as well as actually increase the use of renewables through the operation of the networked system. These insights will be used in the further development of The Mobility House's technologies.

Groupe Renault and Empresa de Electricitade da Madeira (EEM) have joined forces to realize the world-first smart electric ecosystem, transforming the island of Porto Santo towards a smart fossil free island and facilitating the energy transition. The island uses electric vehicles, second-life battery storage units, smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) to boost the island’s energy independence and stimulate the production of renewable energy.

The Mobility House, a leading energy service provider, implements as partner of Groupe Renault its technology to integrate electric vehicles and small energy storage units into EEM’s power grid. By using intelligent aggregation software, The Mobility House controls unidirectional and bidirectional Renault vehicles and supports the energy supplier in operating the local power grid more efficiently. Through bidirectional charging, electric vehicles can be used to temporarily buffer energy and transfer it back to the power grid during peak hours. Thereby, imbalances between power supply and demand can be balanced even more flexibly and additionally control the power quality.

“In Porto Santo we can prove that a world without fossil fuels is possible. With our technology, electric cars do not just provide emission-free transportation but also help the grid to become more efficient and reliable at lower cost.” says Thomas Raffeiner, founder and CEO of The Mobility House.

The 18-month project comprises three complementary phases and is a collaboration of leading partners in the electric and energy ecosystem – Groupe Renault, Empresa de Electricitade da Ma-deira (EEM), The Mobility House, Bouygues Energies et Services and ABB.


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