Mennekes charging station AMTRON Xtra 22 C2

Delivery time : 2-3 working days, Express: next working day if ordered until 2 p.m.
  • Charge simply with quality
  • Up to 22 kW of charging power (charge 10x more quickly)
  • incl. braket for the charging cable thanks to the clever design of the charging station
  • Mennekes Charge App
  • Suitable for all electric cars
Delivery time : 2-3 working days, Express: next working day if ordered until 2 p.m.

Quicker Charging

With the AMTRON® Xtra 22 C2 from Mennekes, you can charge up to 10 times as quickly as at a standard domestic socket. Take a look at our charging time summary to see how quickly the battery in your electric car will be fully charged so that you can get on the road.


LED display for easy operation

The AMTRON® Xtra 22 C2 displays its operating status using easily interpreted symbols and LEDs. The display lets you see at a glance when the charging station is ready for operation, when it is waiting and whether a fault has occurred.


Integrated cable hanger

Mennekes thinks functionally: the charging station acts as its own cable hanger. Simply coil the charging cable around the charging station to tidy it away.

Integrated FI type B

The Mennekes wallbox already contains the recommended type B RCD and a circuit breaker. Installation, assembly and maintenance work must only be carried out by a qualified electrician who knows the standards and installation regulations, and is fully responsible for the installation.

Charge Electric Cars with Type 2 Plugs

The Mennekes AMTRON® charging station with type 2 charging cable is able to charge almost all electric cars. It is no longer just European electric car manufacturers that install type 2 plugs; Nissan are now including them on their new models in Europe. The charging cable is already integrated into the charging station. Simply plug in and start charging.

A quality product from Germany

As a pioneer in the field of electric mobility, Mennekes has set itself the objective of finding the right charging solution for every need. With a broad portfolio of intelligent e-mobility charging solutions, Mennekes is enabling various industries to make the switch to electric mobility. Founded in 1935, the company is the world's leading manufacturer of plug connectors and possesses many years of experience in developing charging solutions for electric cars.

Delivery includes:

  • Charging station
  • Installation frames
  • Installation kit
  • Key
  • Installation manual and user manual

Any further questions?

Our Knowledge centre can tell you everything you need to know about charging your electric car. For example, you can visit the centre for advice on what to look out for when buying and installing a charging station.

More Information
Cable length -
Manufacturer Mennekes
Rated current 32 A
Charging power 22 kW
Charging station type Fixed charging station
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The charging station has a type 2 socket and combined with the right charging cable charges electric cars of all brands

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