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Benefit from our charging concept

Buying and installing charging stations and charging vehicles only works well on a small scale. A well thought-out plan is absolutely essential if you’d like to charge several vehicles at the same location. In that case, it’s good to have an expert on your side: We’ll find you a reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solution for all electric vehicles, regardless of whether you’d be looking to charge a car, a commercial vehicle or a car park.

Our Concept Professional answers the most important questions you’d have with respect to planning your fleet electrification process. By providing this, we’re giving you a sound basis for making decisions and planning security for the next steps.

Why do I need a charging concept?

Our Concept Professional is the right solution for you if you’re asking yourself any of these questions:

Charging station IconCharging station Icon

What charging stations are ideal for my vehicles and requirements?

Find the right location for charging infrastructureFind the right location for charging infrastructure

Where is the best site for my charging stations?

Save operating costs for charging infrastructureSave operating costs for charging infrastructure

How can I save on set-up and running costs?

Icon mains connectionIcon mains connection

Is my mains connection sufficient for charging electric vehicles?

Icon Installation Charging InfrastructureIcon Installation Charging Infrastructure

How much will it cost to install my charging infrastructure?

Icon Load Management SystemIcon Load Management System

Do I need charging and energy management for efficient charging?


What does a charging concept from The Mobility House include?

Our services for your concept:

What we offer you: Concept Professional and customized additional services

If you’d like to charge cars and lightweight commercial vehicles, we lay the foundation for cost-effective and reliable vehicle charging with the Concept Professional.

If additional requests such as the integration of a PV system, potential billing variants or special requirements in residential properties are to be taken into account, we recommend getting customized additional services tailored to your needs. 

This is also the right choice if a large number of vehicles are to be charged or if buses or commercial vehicles are involved. Download the flyers below for more information.

We’d be happy to work together with you to find the right solution

Right now we offer these concepts mainly in the DACH region, but on request also for fleets in other countries.

The starting point for the concept: your needs

For the planning of your optimised charging infrastructure, we analyse your specifications in detail. Therefore, we will check the characteristics of your site in a video call, capture your mobility and charging needs and consider the energy landscape at your location.

We are open to incorporate individual wishes like the integration of renewable energies or stationary storages.

Evaluation and identification of charging times and energy demand

We derive the energy and power needs to charge electric vehicles according to your requirements. Thereof, we create a charging schedule in close coordination with you, under consideration of your operational processes. We use this charging plan for the further conception of your future charging infrastructure. From the beginning on we keep in mind possible cost drivers to guarantee minimal investment and operating costs.


Our concept shows how to charge EVs reliably and cost-efficient. We deliver a valid basis for your decision-making and providing planning reliability for the next steps – the installation and operation of your charging solution. Contact our experts today for further information!

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What are the advantages of a charging concept?

With our Concept Professional, you know…

… what you need for the ideal charging solution.

… what your charging solution will cost in concrete terms.

… that your charging solution is future-proof.

… how and where your charging solution is optimally set up.

… what the next steps are for implementation.

We’ll also show you how you can save costs

The use of a load management system can reduce costly peak loads. We calculate the ideal setting value for this as part of our concept. Depending on the individual scenario, you might recoup your costs of investing in a concept after only a short period of time:

Kosten pro Ladestation einsparenKosten pro Ladestation einsparen

Annual savings per charging point:


Average savings in grid fees per charging point

Reduktion der LastspitzeReduktion der Lastspitze

Reduction in the peak load:


Average load reduction due to load management

A customer with seven charging points will recoup the costs of a Concept Professional in less than a year.
Customers whose grid fees include a capacity charge save €300 / a on average (depending on their consumption profile and location).
> The concept provides the ideal connected load when implementing and using a load management system.


Are you looking for individual consultation? We will be happy to support you.

The concept and site check complement one another perfectly

Implement your concept directly with us

Would you like to turn your customized charging solution into a reality with us straight away? Then a site check complements the concept perfectly:

Once the conceptual design process is complete, one of our installation partners will check your electrical installation right on site. You will then receive a proposal for the ideal implementation option, plus an installation quotation for smooth implementation.

The advantages for you

  • All the services from a single source: preplanning, quotation preparation and implementation
  • Time saving: don’t waste time and effort looking for suitable implementation partners; benefit from your ideal, future-proof charging infrastructure solution as soon as possible

We accompany you throughout your entire journey to implement the ideal charging infrastructure

How to find your optimized charging solutionHow to find your optimized charging solution

That’s why the concept and site check complement one another:

Advice and concept for the optimal charging solution Advice and concept for the optimal charging solution

Concept Professional

takes over the basic planning process:


Number and type of charging stations

Perfect charging infrastructure placement

Demand and savings due to load management

Rough implementation planning

Indication of the investment costs

Checking the electrical installation at the site checkChecking the electrical installation at the site check

Site Check

shows the implementation:


Examination of realization possibilities

Coordination with the network operator

Preparation of offer for implementation

Installation offer based on on-site visit

These customers already trust us


Rosier LogoRosier Logo

„We are very pleased with the result of the advices and conception of TMH. Especially the input concerning the topics ‘voltage peaks’, ‘energy management’ and ‘life cycles of batteries’ helped us a lot in our decision-making process. Some issues we just wouldn’t have thought of.“ 


 - Hendrik Rosier - Head of Logistics 

With several car dealerships in 17 cities in Germany, Rosier is one of the leading groups in the German car-trade sector. As the EV offers rise globally, Rosier Group faced the challenge of implementing an all-site, future-oriented concept to develop a charging infrastructure and charging & energy management system.


Therefore, TMH was hired. We take all present and future requirements of the various car dealerships, customers and automobile manufacturers into account.

International logistics company

In the future, electric vehicles should be used for shunting operations on various logistic centre sites. The aim was to examine the feasibility and to create a suitable concept for the charging infrastructure. This delivered the necessary information concerning charging capacity, locations for charging stations, power requirements and a reasonable integration of charging processes into the daily operation procedures. Several scenarios were analysed to guarantee a reliable and economic solution.

Van fleet - referenceVan fleet - reference

Bus operator in southern Germany

Bus fleet loading - referenceBus fleet loading - reference

A bus company which operates a bus fleet for local transit in its region, among other things, wants to serve as a pioneer in the public transport sector by switching its fleet from diesel buses to electric buses. In this specific case, it is particularly important that routes around a national park are covered by zero emissions buses. We delivered a concept that will charge the fleet reliably and cost-efficiently. Timetables with the related distances form the basis for developing our solution. Using our analysis software and smart load balancing, we develop a charging infrastructure solution via which we can reduce grid expansion. By reducing the load from 2.3 MW to 0.5 MW, the company saves investment costs of € 320,000 as well as € 140,000 annually on running costs. We also looked at whether integration of a solar system with stationary storage is an option, and whether it is cost-effective for operation of the fleet.

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