Roadmap & Vision

Build a sustainable and smart future today! 

With ChargePilot, you already hold the key to tomorrow's energy world as the system connects the energy and mobility industries.

Managing charging processes intelligently today, our technology will open the door to the world of tomorrow in which bidirectional charging (Vehicle-to-Grid) is the norm and electric vehicles will be an integral part of the energy network.

With the continuous enhancement of ChargePilot, we provide you with the best possible product and a step-by-step path to an emission-free future.

What we have done so far

for ChargePilot

Q4 2020

  • Integration of ABB charging stations (DC)
  • Integration of KEBA X-Series Wallbox via OCPP (AC)

Q3 2020

  • Connection to first 3rd party billing backend (ChargeCloud)
  • Charging according to time based grid limits
  • Integration of ABL eMH3 Wallbox (AC)

Q2 2020

  • Commercial interface to grid operators (Open ADR)
  • Phase balancing according to VDE-AR-N4100
  • Local modbus interface to energy management systems
  • Integration of Tritium DC charger
  • Integration of ABL eMH2 wallbox (AC)

Q1 2020

  • Detailed information on chargers und charging events
  • Detailed status of current grid limit utilization
  • Search bar for RFIDs and charge points
  • Improved handling of two-factor authentication

Q4 2019

  • Integration of charge point remote start/stop function

  • Handling of calibration law compliant signed metervalues (S.A.F.E.)

  • Multi-Level-Architecture

  • Integration of Alfen Eve Double Wallbox (AC)

  • Integration of IES Wallbox (DC)

Q3 2019

  • Dynamic load management

  • New Section in web-app: Overview of charging sessions

  • Integration of charge point restart function

  • Integration of EBG Compleo Advanced WM single

Q2 2019

  • Automated billing service of employees charging at work

  • Integration of BTC in US market (AC)

  • Integration of bidirectional EV Box - EV Tronic (AC)

Q1 2019

  • Support for different currencies and timezones in Web-app (Germany, US)

  • Flexible integration with other currencies and timezones

  • Two-factor authentication for Web-app

  • CSV-Download for charging events

  • Consideration of preconditioning within the logic

  • Integration of all Heliox chargers, 25 kW - 450kW (DC)

Q4 2018

  • Support for different languages in Web-app (German & English)

  • Consideration of schedules and energy demands within logic

  • New section in Web-App: Settings of site, controllers, charge points, RFID-cards

  • New section in Web-App: Energy- and Power statistics of the depot

  • Integration of KEBA X-series P30 (AC)

Q3 2018

  • Launch of Web-App: Dashboard for the live view of a depot e.g. charge point status and power flow

  • Load management logic for optimal usage of existing grid connection

  • Prioritiy charging

  • Fallback solution for offline chargers

  • Integration of KEBA C-series P30 (AC)

  • Integration of ICU Wallbox Eve Mini (AC)

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