Product Roadmap
and Release Notes

What's next in our ChargePilot - and which functionalities we added so far

Product roadmap of ChargePilot

These tasks are coming up next

Working on

  • Connection to first 3rd party billing backend
  • Detailed error messages in ChargePilot user interface
  • Advanced energy statistics e.g. calendar picker
  • Local modbus interface to energy management systems
  • Commercial interface to grid operators (e.g. Open ADR, Ripple Controller)
  • PV integration
  • Integration of ABL eMH2 und ABL eMH3 wallboxes
  • Integration of Tritium DC charger
Currently working on these tasks

Coming up

  • Error messages through SMS/E-Mail/App push notifications
  • Connection to other 3rd party billing backends
  • Integration of Webasto Live Wallbox (AC)
  • Integration of IE Wallbox (DC)
  • Integration of further AC and DC chargers
Outlook of the following tasks


  • Interoperability of several controllers at one site

  • Enhanced roles and permissions within the web-app

  • White lable solution

  • Further AC and DC chargers

What we have done so far

for ChargePilot

Q1 2020

  • Detailed information on chargers und charging events
  • Detailed status of current grid limit utilization
  • Search bar for RFIDs and charge points
  • Improved handling of two-factor authentication

Q4 2019

  • Integration of charge point remote start/stop function

  • Handling of calibration law compliant signed metervalues (S.A.F.E.)

  • Multi-Level-Architecture

  • Integration of Alfen Eve Double Wallbox (AC)

  • Integration of IES Wallbox (DC)

Q3 2019

  • Dynamic load management

  • New Section in web-app: Overview of charging sessions

  • Integration of charge point restart function

  • Integration of EBG Compleo Advanced WM single

Q2 2019

  • Automated billing service of employees charging at work

  • Integration of BTC in US market (AC)

  • Integration of bidirectional EV Box - EV Tronic (AC)

Q1 2019

  • Support for different currencies and timezones in Web-app (Germany, US)

  • Flexible integration with other currencies and timezones

  • Two-factor authentication for Web-app

  • CSV-Download for charging events

  • Consideration of preconditioning within the logic

  • Integration of all Heliox chargers, 25 kW - 450kW (DC)

Q4 2018

  • Support for different languages in Web-app (German & English)

  • Consideration of schedules and energy demands within logic

  • New section in Web-App: Settings of site, controllers, charge points, RFID-cards

  • New section in Web-App: Energy- and Power statistics of the depot

  • Integration of Keba X-series P30 (AC)

Q3 2018

  • Launch of Web-App: Dashboard for the live view of a depot e.g. charge point status and power flow

  • Load management logic for optimal usage of existing grid connection

  • Prioritiy charging

  • Fallback solution for offline chargers

  • Integration of Keba C-series P30 (AC)

  • Integration of ICU Wallbox Eve Mini (AC)

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