Solar package incl. KEBA KeContact P30 charging station

(22kW, incl. 4m cable type 2, Ethernet)
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  • WebApp
  • Solar Integration
  • Smart Home Integration
  • LAN
  • Contains KEBA charging station 97.919 KeContact P30 c-series (22kW, incl. 4m cable type 2, Ethernet) and smartfox PV and energy manager
  • 100% solar charging with 100% emissions-free driving
  • Streamline your overall consumption levels and save on electricity costs
  • Charges up to 10 times faster than an ordinary domestic socket (depending on the car's charging power)
  • Charging can be easily configured: 2.3 - 22 kW
  • Integrated DC fault current sensor (cost savings of up to €150 in the upstream installation)
  • With integrated charging cable to fit your electric car (e.g. Mercedes-Benz B-Class Sports Tourer B 250 e)
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Thanks to the smartfox energy manager, you can direct excess solar power at any time to wherever it is needed and reduce your electricity bill.

Feeding excess solar power back into the grid is a thing of the past. Nowadays, owners of photovoltaic (PV) systems try to use as much of the solar power they generate as they possibly can in their own households. With the SMARTFOX PRO solar energy management system, you can charge your electric car with 100% solar energy when there is enough excess power. You can also connect other consumers and regulate heating elements for boilers, for example. The WebApp gives you complete control and visualisation of how you are using the energy you generate.

Use excess solar power

As soon as your solar installation begins to generate more energy than your household consumes, the SMARTFOX PRO energy management system redirects the excess energy to charge your electric car. The required Car Charger licence is already included in the package. With the smartfox, you can also regulate and switch many other consumers on and off. To ensure the entire system functions smoothly, we recommend a PV system with an output of at least 8 kWp.

Monitor and control using the app or web app

You can view and control electricity generation and consumption in your personal section of the WebApp at all times. This can help you identify hidden power guzzlers in your household and reduce your electricity costs even further.

Charge your electric car

Thanks to the smartfox energy manager, you have a choice between two charging options: excess charging or fast charging mode. If you select excess charging, your electric car charges using exclusively excess energy from your photovoltaic system. In fast charging mode, your electric car is charged with the maximum charging power. To achieve this, the charging station draws extra electricity from the power grid.

Excess charging

In this sense, the SMARTFOX PRO has a distinct advantage over other energy management systems: As soon as the minimum switch-on power of your electric car is reached on a single phase, the charging process starts. Most electric cars start charging at 6 A (with the exception of the Renault ZOE, which starts at 10 A). If the output exceeds 6 A on all three phases, the charging process automatically restarts on two- or three-phase charging. If the output decreases, phase cut-off also takes place completely automatically. The benefit for you: the charging process starts even at low power generation levels and you can start profiting from the optimisation of your own consumption at an even earlier stage. Detailed installation instructions for phase cut-off can be found here.

Simple set-up

The SMARTFOX PRO solar energy management system is an intelligent control unit that can be easily mounted on a DIN rail and quickly and easily integrated into any building electrical system thanks to the current transformers included. This is possible whether you already have a solar power system installed or plan to get one. The two-line display and control keypad make the initial set-up quick and easy. It's even quicker via WLAN: open the smartfox Hotspot and adjust the settings directly.

Compatible with all solar power systems

The smartfox energy manager can be used for all solar power systems and all inverters. You can also add stationary storage as another consumer. For certain types of inverter, such as Fronius, Kostal, KACO and SMA, smartfox can also record and visualise the data (see below for further details).

Communication with the charging station

We recommend connecting the SMARTFOX PRO solar energy management system and the KEBA KeContact P30 c-series to your network using a LAN connection so that your electric car continues charging even if the WLAN connection drops. As soon as the charging station and SMARTFOX PRO have been integrated into your home network, SMARTFOX PRO automatically recognises and can begin controlling the KEBA charging station. Don't forget: Activate the licence code via the SMARTFOX support hotline in order to use the Car Charger function.

Included in the package:

  • smartfox energy manager
  • Micro SD card incl. adapter
  • Current transformer, 80 A
  • Incl. Car Charger software licence worth €179

For these inverters and batteries, you can also view the amount of electricity your photovoltaic system is currently generating in the smartfox app or web app:


*Only possible in conjunction with the SMARTFOX Web Kit for SolarEdge® inverters

Any further questions?

Our knowledge center tells you everything you need to know about charging electric cars, such as what you need to bear in mind when buying and installing a charging station.

More Information
Manufacturer KEBA
Colour Light grey (RAL7035)
Product dimensions (wxhxd) BxHxT mm
Weight 4,8 kg (depending on the variant)
Degree of protection IP54 splash-proof, suitable for outdoor use
Delivery includes Charging station, instruction manual, cable suspensio, smartfox energy manager
Phase 3-phase
Cable length 4 m
Safety features DC protection
Communication module LAN
Compatible with services PV energy management system
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The charging station is suitable for electric cars of the following brands

Geeignet für alle Audi-Modelle
Geeignet für alle BMW i-Modelle
Geeignet für alle e.GO-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Hyundai-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Jaguar-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Mercedes-Benz-Modelle
Geeignet für alle NISSAN-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Opel-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Porsche-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Renault-Modelle
Geeignet für alle smart-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Streetscooter-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Tesla-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Toyota-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Volkswagen-Modelle
Geeignet für alle Volvo-Modelle


  • NISSAN LEAF (models built before 2017 have a type 1 plug)
  • Opel Ampera (type 1 plug)
  • Renault Kangoo Z.E. (models built before 2017 have a type 1 plug) 
  • Toyota Prius (models built before 2017 have a type 1 plug
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