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Apartment renters and owners need to charge their cars
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Charging without your own garage: is it even possible?

Of course it’s possible! Still you shouldn’t jump right in before talking it over with your landlord or building management, owners and fellow renters.

Why your landlord might have a problem with you charging from a conventional socket...

Think no one will notice if you use an outlet in the underground car park to charge your vehicle every now and then? Unfortunately, that’s not the case! Your landlord might very well object to you doing so, and with good reason. Charging an electric car places a significant burden on the building’s electric system for several hours at a time. And if your neighbour happens to have the same idea as you, you could end up blowing a fuse and setting the whole building into uproar. Another factor is that energy consumption in underground car parks cannot typically be routed through your electricity meter. As a result, all the residents in the building will have to pay the increased electricity costs due to your charging — a sure-fire way to arguments with your neighbours!

A charging station guarantees safe charging

Here, a charging station can come to the rescue. Charging stations guarantee safe charging and leave the communal garage properly equipped to meet the electric future. One thing is certain: You will not be the last resident to treat yourself to a cool electric car. With the entry into force of the Federal Government's draft law adopted in March 2020, the consent of other parties is no longer required. This new "right to a wallbox" is valid from November 1st 2020.

Why an intelligent charging station benefits everyone

When the word “intelligent” is applied to a charging station, what it means is that it can communicate with other systems. This ability makes it possible to integrate smarter features into the system. These features might include a billing service that assigns separate charging costs to each individual user, ensuring clarity for everyone in the building. Another important feature is that load management features can regulate the distribution of energy automatically. This is particularly important on locations where multiple charging stations have been installed and several electric cars are charging at the same time. Read more in our blog about what intelligent charging stations can do.

What to bear in mind when choosing a charging station for a shared garage

There are several aspects to consider when installing a charging solution in a shared parking. Our product recommendations for you:

Compatibility with different connectors

One day, all electric cars will charge using the same type of plug connection. But while there are both Type 1 and Type 2 electric cars still on the road, the better solution for rental occupants is to use a charging station using a standard socket instead of an integrated cable. That way everyone can charge using their own mode 3 cable and no one will be left out.

Future-proof charging power

Not all electric cars charge at 3.7 kW. Newer vehicles tend to have larger batteries and superior charging power, which allows them to recharge more quickly. A shared charging station for a communal garage should be able to provide a charging power of at least 11 kW, or preferably 22 kW.


Sharing is caring

That’s the philosophy behind Alfen's Eve. This station allows two electric cars to charge at 11 kW simultaneously, or a single car to charge at 22 kW. What’s more, this charging stations features smart functions such as a billing service or load management. Another practical detail is its integrated RFID access protection.

Stay flexible: the mobile alternative

E-Auto auf der StraßeE-Auto auf der Straße

What if a charging station does not pay off in your case? Perhaps because you prefer not to be tied down to a single flat or town for a long time? All hope is not lost for your charging dreams!

The solution is a mobile charging station! These stations have the same functions as a wallbox, but can be taken anywhere in your trunk. With a mobile charging station, you can transform any outlet into a perfectly secure charging option, allowing you to charge at up to 22 kW with industrial outlets.

You can find an overview of our mobile charging stations here.

Charging stations in residential buildings contribute to electric mobility

Zwei Architekten auf BaustelleZwei Architekten auf Baustelle

In March 2020, the German government passed a draft law on the right to private charging facilities in underground garages or parking lots. With the entry into force of the draft law, the consent of other parties will no longer be required in future. This new "right to a wallbox" is valid from November 1st 2020.

Countless federal subsidies, new vehicle models and standards for charging demonstrate that electric mobility is really starting to pick up speed. Lead the pack and introduce charging into your residential building while you’re at it. Consult our solutions for properties to learn more about what you, as the owner of a building, should consider if you want to allow tenants and owners to charge their electric cars now.


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