The charging solution for your house

No more visits to the gas station, no more stress! With the right charging solution for your home you can begin your individual electric car routine.

How does having a charging station at home benefit me?

A house has lots of plug sockets. So why should I add a charging station?

Well, the faster your electric car charges, the faster you can get back on the road. Having a charging station gives you a substantial advantage on this issue – on top of a lot of other benefits.

Having your own charging station at home saves you a trip to the filling station. Arriving home, you can start your electric car charging with just a single hand movement.

Safety first

A conventional plug socket is not designed to run warm for several hours at a charging power of 2.3 kW. Using it in this way might even cause a cable to burn out.

 That’s why it’s better to play it safe and invest in a suitable charging station. Then all you’ll need to do is insert your charging plug – and your car will charge up safely and conveniently, every day.

Charged 10 times faster

The speed at which an e-car charges will depend mainly on its battery and the charging power being used. This means the charging power of the car itself, but also the power at which the charging facility runs. A conventional plug socket can just about deal with 2.3 kilowatts – a modern electric car with a battery capacity of 24 kilowatt hours could leave you waiting for 11 hours while it charges up at that power.
But a charging station using technology that allows it to charge using a high charging power can do much better. Our charging time summary shows you just how much time you can save by charging using a charging station.

How can I save money while charging my e-car?

How much does charging at home cost?

Charging is generally less expensive than refuelling. You can easily work out for yourself how much the power you use to charge your electric car will cost you. All you need to know is the electricity price per Kilowatt hour and the energy consumption of your electric car per 100 kilometres. Simply multiply the two values together and you have the answer. On top of that figure are the cost of running your charging station, as well as its installation. Our use cases describing real installations are there to help you estimate your costs.

Charge up your company car, and receive your money back

Electric cars pay their way as company cars – and not just for employers. The employee driving them also gets benefits calculated against his or her income tax. The benefits have been established since January 2017 in the German law on “the tax incentivisation of electric mobility in road transport”. Anyone using a company car with electric or hybrid power has been in a position to benefit from a bonus scheme set out in law since 2013.

The networked house: Charge up with solar power in the smart home

If you would like to charge your electric car at home sustainably, then simply use your home PV generation system, directing all excess energy to your car. Devices like the Smartfox energy manager will help you to do so. Intelligent energy control using a Smart Home system is another way you can optimise how you consume electricity. Many charging stations are already fitted with smart technology.

Saving money charging your EVSaving money charging your EV
Living in a smart homeLiving in a smart home
Man in a company carMan in a company car
Solar panel for a sustainable energy useSolar panel for a sustainable energy use

How to select the right charging station

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The right socket type
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What charging power do I need?
Basic technical knowledge

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We recommend these charging stations for your home

We recommend using a qualified electrician to install your charging station professionally. They will generally be very familiar with the safety standards and requirements for installation. With our installation check (only in Germany available) and service for charging stations, you'll be safely up and running in only 3 steps: Make an appointment, check conditions on site, and have the charging station installed.

Based on real-life use cases, we show you the additional costs that you may have to incur when installing your charging station depending on your situation. Costs may vary widely depending on the length of cable that you need to lay, whether you need to run the cable through a wall or install a residual current circuit breaker, for example.

Elektriker bei der InstallationElektriker bei der Installation