Charging solutions for electric school bus fleets

Operate your school buses fleet efficiently and sustainably.

We enable you to protect your children and community by helping you to transition your fleet to electric vehicles.

School buses should be safe for children and the environment. But currently most buses are diesel powered, exposing our children and communities to harmful emissions, and contributing to climate change. Switching to electric buses creates an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions and save money in fuel and operations costs.

The transition to electric buses calls for more than just replacement of diesel buses. Smart Charging solutions can help reduce investment and operations costs for electric school buses, making electric mobility a viable long-term economical alternative for student transportation.

Advantages of Electric School Buses at a Glance

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Protect Children from Emissions

Emission-free electric school buses reduce your children's exposure to harmful pollutants from diesel-powered buses.

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Environment Friendly

Show your stakeholders that you embrace innovation and make a clear commitment to a sustainable transportation strategy.

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Reduce Operations Cost

Gaining a foothold in the electric mobility sector now will help you reduce operational cost.

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Our services for your fleet electrification

We support your project right from the idea through to optimization of your charging infrastructure operation. Our experience and charging solutions help you to gain full control over your electric logistics fleet.

1. Design

  • Analysis of routes and schedules
  • Analysis of depot infrastructure (grid connection and energy requirement)
  • Optimization of charging processes with the help of our analysis software
  • Creation of a customer-specific energy and infrastructure concept

2. Implementation

  • Design and planning of site-specific charging solutions
  • Procuring the relevant components, e.g. charging stations
  • Assembly and installation by our qualified specialist partners

3. Operation

  • Meeting the charging requirements
  • Load balancing for cost-optimized operation
  • Monitoring and control of charging events in the customer portal
  • Add-ons, e.g. solar power integration or billing services


+ analyzed fleets


+ analyzed vehicles


+ MW reduced
connection capacity


Mio. € +investment

Charging and Energy Management from The Mobility House

Charges your electric buses reliably and reduces investment and operating costs

Are you looking for individual consultation? We would be happy to support you.

Commercially available Electric School Buses










Battery Capacity


Charging Level

Charging Type





V2G capability


eLion A   A 129kWh Level 3 J1772 or SAE-Combo 75-150 Miles 26


eLion C   C 220kWh Level 3 J1772 65-155 Miles 72

 Blue Bird

All American RE

Blue Bird American RE

D  150kWh  Level 2 J1772   100 miles  81  No
Blue Bird Microbird G5  Microbird G5 A  100-150kWh      100 miles  30 No
Blue Bird Vision Electric  Blue Bird Vision Electric C  150kWh  Level 2    100 miles  72  Yes
Green Power Synapse 72  Greenpower school bus D 100-200kWh     75-140 miles  72   -

Thomas Bulit

Saf-T-Liner C2


Jouley School Bus

C 155kWh Level 2 J1772 100 miles  81  -

Incentives and Grants for Electric School Buses in California

Grant Name Closing Date
Funding Per Bus Infrastructure Funding Total Funding
Carl Moyer Program  5/22/2020  $400,000.00  $5,000.00  $60,000,000.00
CEC - School Bus Replacement for California
Public School Districts and County offices of Education
 9/20/2018  $400,000.00  $60,000.00  $75,000,000.00
HVIP - Trucks and Bus Vocher Incentive Porgram 2020  $220,000.00  $5,000 - $15,000  $121,000,000.00
Monterey Bay Air Resources Board  In Progress  $165,000.00  TBD  $10,000,000.00
North Coast Unified AQMD - Rural School Bus Pilot Program 8/10/2018  $400,000.00  $5,000.00  $10,000,000.00
SECAT TBD  $175,000.00  TBD  TBD