TraXall Germany, a fleet management specialist, is cooperating with The Mobility House

January 10, 2023|Munich

  • The Mobility House and TraXall Germany are jointly offering a new complete solution for a climate-neutral fleet.
  • In addition to advice and the implementation of smart charging infrastructure, companies receive help with operating, monitoring and billing charging processes, among other things 
  • Carpool and fleet operators benefit from the combined expertise of both companies.
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The Mobility House – the leading expert for smart charging and energy solutions – and TraXall Germany – a fleet management service provider – are expanding their collaborative relationship, which has been in place since 2019. With the new “E-Infrastructure + Operations” package, the companies are jointly providing their customers with an efficient solution to make sure their fleet of electric vehicles is ready for use. Thanks to the collaborative relationship, established interfaces and proven processes can be used following integration of the charging infrastructure at the company’s site or at employees’ homes. 

During an initial consultation involving both TraXall and The Mobility House, mobility and electrification issues are clarified first, followed by an analysis of cost and CO2 savings potential. During the next step, The Mobility House helps with selecting a suitable charging solution and handles implementation, commissioning, and smooth operation. ChargePilot, the hardware-agnostic charging and energy management system, is used for this purpose. The system enables smart control of charging processes, optimizes the existing grid connection, and considers the relevant mobility needs – whether at employees’ homes or on the company premises. 

TraXall assists customers with process management and billing for charging operations. In addition to advice on the eCar Policy, support with government subsidies and bonus systems, the joint service package also includes the management of electricity charging cards and CO2 compensation by applying for the GHG quota.

"As the customer’s right-hand man, this means we have an excellent eye for optimization approaches and always look to find the ideal solution and implementation for our customers. Additionally, the partnership with The Mobility House is advantageous in that it simplifies the processes surrounding charging infrastructure such as setup, management and controlling for our customers."

Alexander Heß, Geschäftsführer

TraXall Germany

"Without advice, setting up charging infrastructure can quickly become expensive or even fail. The experience we’ve gained from our existing partnership with TraXall has shown that streamlined processes, sensible use of synergies and the pooling of resources saves customers a great deal of costs, time, and hassle. So, the collaborative relationship is a great gain for us."

Marcus Fendt, Geschäftsführer

The Mobility House

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