Intelligent Charging Solutions and Billing Service from The Mobility House for Charging your Electric Car at Home and at Work.

The number of electric cars on the market continues to climb and the majority are charged at home (billing service @home) or at work (billing service @work). This means two things for companies.  Firstly, the charging electricity used at home by company car drivers needs to be reimbursed, in the same way that fuel cards work for combustion engines. Secondly, appropriate charging stations are required on company premises. At the same time, it is important to gain an overview of the electricity used by different user groups (company cars and the private electric cars of employees or visitors) and to bill the costs to users, which may include cost itemisation.

Company parking spaces are perfect for charging electric cars, because users leave their cars parked for long periods. However, financial advantage, electricity tax and company policy also have to be taken into account. Currently, many companies provide electricity at no extra cost. But as soon as the number of electric cars increases, energy costs will also rise significantly – possibly by several thousand euros per year. You decide who will pay for the charging electricity; we will ensure trouble-free billing tailored to your needs.


Advantages of Billing Services at a Glance

  • All charging processes are recorded and visualised in the customer portal
  • Electricity consumption and charging costs are clearly presented
  • Charging costs are collected automatically and reimbursed to the account
  • Convenient processing by The Mobility House
  • Legally compliant electricity supply and refunding process

Billing Service @home

How does it work?

  1. Company car drivers simply charge their cars at their charging station at home.
  2. All charging processes are recorded to the precise kilowatt hour in the customer portal and can be viewed by the driver at any time.
  3. A monthly overview of the charging processes and electricity costs is sent out by e-mail.
  4. The Mobility House automatically reimburses the company car driver each month for the electricity costs incurred for charging at home.
  5. The Mobility House bills the employer or leasing company for the electricity costs and service charge and simply recovers the amount. The bill is sent out by e-mail and contains all the tax-related information.

Price overview for the billing service @home

One-off activation fee24.99 €
Monthly basic charge, plus electricity costs6.90 €

Price includes statutory value added tax.


Example of the Tesla Model S: As a Company Car Driver, Save €1,200 of Private Electricity Costs per Year!

Based on the following assumptions:

0km annual mileage
0kWh/100 km consumption
0cent/kWh electricity price
0% of charging at home

Billing Service @work

How does it work?

  1. Once registered, employees or guests with electric cars simply use their RFID card to charge their cars at the company charging station.
  2. All charging processes are recorded in the customer portal and can be viewed by the company at any time.
  3. The company receives a monthly overview by e-mail of the charging processes and any charging costs accrued by all users.
  4. Users liable for costs (e.g. employees with private electric cars) receive a monthly bill and an overview by e-mail of the charging processes and electricity costs.
  5. Each month, The Mobility House automatically recovers the electricity costs from the users.
  6. The company automatically receives the electricity costs incurred each month, bundled and reimbursed to the account by The Mobility House

Price overview for the billing service @work

One-off activation fee24.99 €
Monthly basic charge for 1 charging station, including 3 users14.99 €
Additional monthly cost per extra charging station (optional)7.50 €
Additional monthly cost per extra user (optional)2.90 €
One-off activation fee per new user, including personal RFID card7.50 €

Price includes statutory value added tax.


How to Order the Billing Service

Order in the Online Shop

In our online shop, select the desired billing service together with a suitable charging station. If you would like a qualified electrician to install the charging station, you can order the installation service at the same time.

Register in the Customer Portal

You will receive an e-mail with your access details for the customer portal. You can register using the link and complete your details. Depending on the billing service, information regarding bank accounts, current electricity prices and personal data may be entered.

Charge Electric Cars

Once all the required information has been stored, the charging processes are recorded automatically from the first time the station is used. The service charges are automatically recovered each month and the charging costs are reimbursed – at no extra cost to the company or the driver.

Which Charging Stations are Compatible with the Billing Services?

For the moment, the billing services @home and @work from the The Mobility House can only be used in conjunction with a smart charging station and an integrated energy meter. These charging stations communicate the charging processes either via an Ethernet connection, which must fitted during installation, or via an integrated SIM card. We currently offer the following two charging station models for these services:


This charging station is perfectly suited for semi-public spaces, such as company premises or hotels (@work). The EVe has two connectors, each with 22 kW charging power, which enables the charging of two electric cars at the same time. The display shows all important charging instructions and transaction information.

ICU Compact

This charging station is perfect for both private and semi-public spaces. The Mobility House recommends the Compact for company car drivers to use at home (@home). Status information is displayed by LEDs with separate symbols. In addition, the charging station has protected access via RFID.

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