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ChargePilot®: the ultimate system for cost-effective, innovative, and reliable charging of multiple vehicles.

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Locally integrated...

The ChargePilot® Controller ensures fail-safe, dynamic load management on-site. It intelligently distributes power, taking into account local generators and consumers, prioritized vehicles, and grid operator signals. The result: maximum efficiency, minimum charging costs.

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... and intelligently networked

The ChargePilot® Dashboard provides real-time status updates and remote control of charging points and sessions. The integrated authentication management allows for easy user administration. Convenient monitoring and intuitive control from anywhere, all in one place.

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Clever combinations

Connect ChargePilot® with numerous charging stations and third-party systems to meet individual requirements.


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The IT company Bechtle embraces an electric future

With the ChargePilot® charging and energy management system, charging processes are dynamically adjusted based on available electricity, optimizing the utilization of the existing grid connection. In addition, all charging stations comply with calibration regulations ensuring readiness for future billing of charging processes with external users, at 70 locations, throughout Germany.

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Europe's largest electric bus fleet operates with minimal grid connection

At Schiphol Airport, we charge 100 vehicles of the Connexxion bus company, consuming an average of 10MWh per day. ChargePilot® makes charging so efficient that only around 20 percent of the 5 MW grid connection capacity is required and billed for.

Electrified bus fleet

The Austrian Post AG delivers the future with electric mobility

By 2030, Austria's largest vehicle fleet, spanning 130 locations, aims to be entirely emission-free on the road. Owing to a charging solution featuring 2,400 AC and DC charging points along with the ChargePilot® charging and energy management system, 80% of delivery districts are already receive their mail through fully electric vehicles today.

Austrian Post electric fleet

Electrification for the Rosier car dealership group at 16 Locations

With the aid of the appropriate technology, the Rosier car dealership group can now efficiently charge both customer and test vehicles at its 16 locations, making the most of the limited grid connection and thereby saving up to 50,000 € in infrastructure expansion costs per location and up to 20,000 € in annual operating costs per location.

Autohaus Gruppe ROSIER: Standort Paderborn

Smart charging on a grand scale

For the municipal utility's administrative headquarters, we gradually equipped parts of the 200-space underground parking facility with intelligent charging infrastructure. Due to ChargePilot®, we were able to save up to 80.000 € on network expansion costs and up to 50.000 € in annual capacity fees.

E-Auto der Mainzer Stadtwerke lädt in Tiefgarage

Smart charging solution for 555 parking spaces

Our goal was to provide a secure, convenient, and scalable charging solution for all residents in the multi-family building. With ChargePilot, we successfully implemented this for 329 residential units.

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You can count on us

24/7 monitoring

Unexpected disruptions are automatically reported and resolved remotely. When needed, we swiftly provide on-site assistance.

Personal support

Whether it's during installation, commissioning, or ongoing charging operations, our team provides expert support for all inquiries.

Always up to date

Regular software updates ensure maximum security and introduce new possibilities on the path towards future mobility.

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