Charge Your Electric Car with 100% PV Electricity. Enjoy 100% Emission-Free Driving. Optimise Your PV Electricity Consumption and Save on Electricity Costs.

Charge with 100% PV Electricity

With the smartfox Energy Manager, you can charge your electric car with the surplus solar energy from your photovoltaic system and enjoy up to 100% emission-free driving.

Reduce Your Costs

Optimise your PV electricity consumption for the whole household. You save on energy costs and help the environment at the same time.

Everything in View & Under Control

The online portal shows you how much PV electricity you are producing and using, for example to charge your electric car. Identify cost savings and manage your electricity consumption.

Order Energy Manager Now and Charge with PV Electricity.

Sustainable Driving with 100% Solar Energy in the Tank

How much PV electricity is available to me for charging my electric car? The smartfox Energy Manager knows the exact answer. As soon as you connect your electric car to the KEBA charging station, the Energy Manager smoothly increases the charging current for your electric car, enabling you to supply your electric car with 100% surplus PV electricity from your roof. If the sun isn’t shining one day, then your car won’t be charged either.

Fill Up the Battery even without Sunshine

What if you don’t have time to wait for the next rays of sunshine to generate more PV electricity and you need your electric car to be fully charged? You can begin charging your electric car immediately using an optional extra switch on your smartfox Energy Manager (similar to a light switch). To charge, your electric car simply takes the electricity it needs from the grid at maximum charging power. Soon, the app will provide another easy way to start immediate charging. Watch this space! Enjoy emission-free driving even without sunshine, for example with 100% German water power from green electricity supplier Polarstern.

Optimise Your Consumption. Reduce Your Costs. Enjoy Independence.

Let the Sun Shine on Your Electricity Bill. The Energy Manager Is Capable of Much, Much More.

In addition to managing the KEBA charging station for your electric car, the smartfox Energy Manager can also control additional appliances, such as a heat pump. With the app or the smartfox online portal, you can view all the relevant data, identify potential cost savings and manage (PV) electricity consumption at any time.

If you consume more of your own PV electricity, you won’t need to draw as much electricity from the grid. Save several hundred euros in electricity costs whilst also reducing the amount of time it takes to pay off your photovoltaic system. The smartfox Energy Manager’s logical assembly concept enables quick and affordable installation. The additional expenditure is quickly recouped through money saved on electricity.

Thanks to the smartfox Energy Manager, Anton and his Family Are Saving 142 Euros per Year.

Anton lives near Munich with his wife Maria and daughter Lena. He has installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of his house. He recently purchased a Renault ZOE for his commute to Munich and would like to charge his electric car mainly with PV electricity from now on.

5.562 kWhsolar-generated electricity produced per year by the PV system (6 kWp)
6.742 kWhannual consumption of electricity by Anton’s family, including 2,900 kWh for charging the electric car
76 kmdaily average distance driven by Anton in his Renault ZOE
2.350 kWh(almost 35%) covered by 100% solar energy thanks to the smartfox Energy Manager, including 925 kWh (approx. 14%) for the electric car
142 €annual electricity cost saving for Anton’s family since he started connecting up his Renault ZOE every day and changed to charging at peak solar energy times
up to 440 €annual electricity cost savings which could potentially be enjoyed by Anton’s family if he aligned his charging times even more closely to peak solar energy periods

Key data: The family pays 29 euro cents/kWh for electricity from the grid and receives 12 cents/kWh remuneration under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act for feeding back in their solar-generated power.

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