Cutting-edge Energy Savings: ChargePilot® Reduces Charging Costs by 30 to 40%

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May 13, 2024

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ChargePilot® intelligently leverages dynamic electricity tariffs for vehicle charging, enabling V1G for fleets of any size.

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Automatically shifting vehicle charging to times of low electricity prices becomes reality with ChargePilot. Discover how our intelligent system maximizes the savings potential of dynamic tariffs.

Peaks and Valleys: Dynamic Tariffs Unveiled

Unlike conventional tariffs with a fixed price per kilowatt-hour (kWh), dynamic tariffs pass on electricity prices from the electricity market to consumers. In other words: The price per kWh fluctuates depending on supply and demand in the electricity market and adjusts hourly or every 15 minutes to the current market price. For operators of charging infrastructure, these fluctuations offer enormous savings potential. Given the extended periods when vehicles are parked and connected to chargers, there are great opportunities to shift charging to cheaper times. This is where ChargePilot comes into play.

Local Optimization...

The load management efficiently distributes available charging power among vehicles, ensuring optimal utilization of connection capacity without exceeding grid limits. It also considers various other factors such as time constraints. For this purpose, data is exchanged in real-time with a fleet management system via standard interfaces such as VDV 463. Information on departure times and target state of charge for each vehicle is crucial for cost-effective charging plans: Based on the live data, each vehicle is provided with a specific time frame during which the charging can be flexibly managed.

... And Dynamic Reaction

Now, onto dynamic tariffs: To incorporate these into the charging plans, ChargePilot collaborates with FlexibilityAggregator®, another innovative technology by The Mobility House. Here, all data comes together: daily energy prices, local constraints, schedules, and charging curves. Using this data, FlexibilityAggregator creates customized charging plans which are then sent to ChargePilot for execution. Within the available timeframe, vehicles are charged when the price per kWh is most favorable. In the event of short-term deviations from the plans, they are automatically recalculated and adjusted. The result: a smart charging plan ensuring smooth operations while simultaneously reducing electricity costs by 30 to 40%.

Exemplary cost-optimized charging plan
Visual: Dynamic Tariff Optimization


Reliability is paramount: ChargePilot ensures that vehicles are fully charged and ready for use when needed. The duration vehicles spend parked at chargers is effectively utilized through consideration of dynamic electricity tariffs. Charging is automatically shifted to favorable times, leading to significant cost savings of 30 to 40%. It’s a beneficial solution for all charging infrastructure operators seeking to minimize fleet operating expenses.


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