Charging solutions for corporate fleets

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We make transitioning to a fleet of electric vehicles easy. 

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Charging solutions for corporate fleets
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We and our 360° solutions accompany you on your journey to running a fleet of electric cars

We and our 360° solutions accompany you on your journey to running a fleet of electric cars and make operation simple and clear for you with automated processes and insights into current energy consumption.  We advise you and plan, coordinate and efficiently implement your project. To ensure that your fleet of electric vehicles runs smoothly for both you and your employees at work and at home.

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A custom solution.For now and for the future. 
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Save costs

Rely on ChargePilot®, our charging and energy management system to keep investment and operating costs low for your company’s electric fleet. 

Make optimum use of the mains connection

Make a futureproof investment in smart charging instead of going through the expensive and lengthy process of expanding the mains connection. 

Prevent peak loads

Distribute your mains connection’s available energy to the vehicles to be charged as part of a fully automatic process with ChargePilot®. 

Use renewable energy

Connect your charging infrastructure to your energy management system or cut electricity costs by means of charging that is beneficial to the grid. 




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Stay flexible

Opt for an open, neutral system and enjoy all the freedoms that go with it.  


Plan for the future today

Whether your fleet of electric vehicles is continuing to grow or technologies are evolving, your charging infrastructure remains flexibly expandable.

Find individual solutions

Combine ChargePilot® with charging stations from various manufacturers and different charging powers (AC and DC).  

Cover different usage profiles

Use a comprehensive charging solution for company cars and employees’, customers’ and visitors’ private electric cars. 


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Keep track of everything

Take the relaxed approach to managing your different sites. 

Stay on top of things

Use ChargePilot® to find out about the likes of the current energy consumption or CO2 statistics for each site or across sites. 

Stay up to date

Simplify management with automatic updates.

Manage invoices

Use our billing solution to automatically issue bills that are accurate down to the kWh across work and home sites. 

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Enjoy the service

Rely on our expertise and our strong network of long-term partners. 

We do the analysis for you

Together, we will find out your needs and make the most of the existing mains connection. 

We do the coordination for you

We and our partners are more than happy to ensure the process is a smooth one. Alternatively, you can organize the installation yourself. 

We do the implementation for you

We attach a great deal of importance to quickly electrifying your fleet and, even once that’s done and dusted, we are there for you with our support hotline for the likes of any maintenance work that may be required. 

Why The Mobility House

With the right energy we can achieve a lot


Success stories: Turning your regular fleet into an electric one

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We’re picking up the pace together with Infineon Technologies AG

The task: It should be possible to both conveniently charge and bill a limited mains connection, employees’ private electric vehicles, company cars and pool vehicles from different manufacturers. The common goal: Climate neutrality by 2030.

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Firmenstandort Infineon in München

Bechtle, an IT company, has joined forces with us to drive electric cars into the future. At 70 sites throughout Germany

With the ChargePilot® charging and energy management system, charging processes are dynamically adjusted depending on the amount of electricity available, and optimum use is made of the existing mains connection. So all 70 sites can be managed and monitored in a single system. Additionally, all the charging stations guarantee compliance with calibration laws, meaning they are prepared for future billing of charging processes with external users.  

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Charging station at Bechtle
Together for the right charging solution

We are happy to advise you and together we will find a charging solution that fits your electric fleet.

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