Revolutionizing efficiency in complex distribution structures: ChargePilot® Multi Fuse and Multi Meter

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December 12, 2023

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ChargePilot® allocates charging power across multiple sub-distributions while taking additional consumers and generators into account.

In scenarios where charging stations are connected to various sub-distributions with separate fuses, making the best possible use of the grid connection to save costs can be a challenge. ChargePilot® has the solution: Multi Fuse intelligently allocates the available power to all vehicles, even if they are connected to multiple sub-distributions.  

Consequently, installation costs are minimized, and efficient load management is enabled for even the most complex distribution structures. With ChargePilot® Multi Meter, we take it yet a step further: When additional consumers and generators are connected to a sub-distribution, the power allocation is dynamically adjusted accordingly. 

Discover the details behind this clever feature and how you can benefit from it.

Multi Fuse: One controller for all

When charging stations are supplied through different sub-distributions, a central load management system is crucial to maximize the power availability. ChargePilot® Multi Fuse tackles this challenge using just one controller. It regulates the power for all sub-distributions, ensuring optimal static or dynamic load management based on the grid connection power. To enable each sub-distribution to maximize the rated current of the fuse, relevant parameters are configured in the ChargePilot® Dashboard.

Multi Fuse

Without Multi Fuse, the situation would be quite different: Each sub-distribution would require its own ChargePilot® Controller to manage the load for the charging stations connected there. The result? Higher hardware and setup costs as well as reduced performance, since auxiliary consumers would need to be provisioned for static sites, and the remaining power would have to be divided. Additionally, charging stations at dynamic sub-distributions would be supplied in a secondary manner, putting them at a disadvantage.

Multi Meter: All for one

As a smart extension to Multi Fuse, Multi Meter comes into play when, in addition to charging stations, other consumers or even generators such as a PV system are connected to the power grid through individual sub-distributions. To measure their power fluctuations, power meters are installed at each sub-distribution. All meters provide second-by-second information to the ChargePilot® Controller, enabling dynamic load management while considering all meter values and dynamic limits. This allows ChargePilot® to achieve the maximum potential for charging vehicles.

Multi Meter

Advantages at a glance

ChargePilot® Multi Fuse, complemented by the advanced capabilities of Multi Meter, provides valuable advantages for both electricians and operators of charging infrastructure:

  • Lower hardware costs and installation effort, as only one ChargePilot® setup is needed 
  • Reduced ongoing electricity costs because of the efficient distribution of the total available charging power 
  • More available power for charging sessions with consistent grid connection power due to intelligent load management across the entire site 
  • Easy subsequent expansion of the charging infrastructure 

Therefore, our newly introduced ChargePilot® Features, Multi Fuse and Multi Meter, set new standards for your cost- and energy-efficient charging solution at locations with complex distribution structures.


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