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Venturing into the future of electric mobility with valuable investments! Together we are working to achieve an energy supply and automotive world that are emissions-free on a global scale.

The Mobility House Group consists of companies and sites in Switzerland, Germany and USA. Our strategy is set by the supervisory board; a group where we are proud to have brought together highly experienced individuals with incredible levels of knowledge from the automotive, energy and technology industries. We all share a passion for electric mobility and believe in the vision of a swarm of electric cars, and stationary storage units with batteries, that will make an important and substantial contribution to the energy transition to an environmentally responsible power supply.

Private and commercial customers trust our expertise, and every year we win thousands of new end customers and companies who are inspired by our products. We are particularly proud of the fact that we can count among our partners all the leading automotive industry manufacturers. Neutrality is the basis for our long-term partnership with our customers.

thomas raffeiner

 “Electric mobility provides new opportunities for the energy transition. At The Mobility House, we are seizing these opportunities. Smart charging is just the beginning. Our vehicle-to-grid technology and stationary storage systems are set to revolutionize the world of energy, helping turn our vision of an emission-free future into a reality.

Thomas Raffeiner
Founder and CEO, The Mobility House

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Smart Charging

Our charging solutions help you charge your electric vehicles efficiently and reliably. Charging stations, installation, charging management – we’re your one-stop shop for all your charging needs.



We design with the future in mind. Our smart technologies for charging electric vehicles combine the twin concepts of mobility and energy.


Energy Storage

Energy storage systems bring balance to the relationship between power supply and demand. We are implementing the very latest storage solutions in industry through the use of vehicle battery technology.


founded in 2009


140+ employees


Munich, Zurich, Belmont (CA)


40.000+ charging solutions sold


5+ years V2G projects experience in Europe

battery storage

100+ MWh stationary (1st- and 2nd-use) batteries in operation/development

Our investors

Commited investors share the vision of The Mobility House

TMH Holding AG with founder Thomas Raffeiner, members of the management and other non-institutional investors have been pioneers in the electric mobility sector for many years. They are convinced that electric mobility will become accepted as an alternative method of mobility.

Alliance Ventures is a strategic venture capital fund operated by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, the world’s leading electric vehicle company. Alliance Ventures pursue strategic investments in companies developing disruptive technologies or businesses in the electric vehicle and energy sector.

Daimler AG is one of the largest suppliers of premium cars, and the most important globally positioned manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Daimler consistently invests in the development of electric vehicles, in order to enable emissions-free driving in the long term.

Mitsui Group is one of the 20 highest-grossing corporate associations in the world. From a strategic perspective, Mitsui is counting on the energy transition and on storage technology. This conglomerate invests heavily in the energy industry worldwide, and supports the global expansion of The Mobility House.

Salzburg AG supplies the Federal State Land Salzburg with energy services, including a wide range of infrastructure services. The business is a pioneer for electric mobility in Europe and had a leading role in the foundation of The Mobility House in Austria.

Wermuth Asset Management specialises in sustainable investments. The Green Gateway Fundinvests tens of millions in Western European businesses which are currently expanding and focusing on energy and resource-efficient products.

Our board of directors

Our board of directors are sources of ideas, challenges, and motivation

dr. alexander landia

Dr. Alexander Landia

Chairman of the board

carl peter forster

Carl-Peter Forster

Member of the board

Yuji Kikkawa

Yuji Kikkawa

Member of the board

gert maichel

Dr. Gert Maichel

Member of the board

michael mohnhaupt

Dr. Michael Mohnhaupt

Member of the board


Christian Noske

Member of the board


Diarmuid O’Connell

Member of the board

dierk paskert

Dr. Dierk Paskert

Member of the board

Thomas Raffeiner

Thomas Raffeiner

Delegate of the Board of Directors

eugen a. russ

Eugen A. Russ

Member of the board

dr. frank spennemann

Dr. Frank Spennemann

Member of the board

jochen wermuth

Jochen Wermuth

Member of the board

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