Why do I actually need a charging station?

The advantages of a charging station

You come home, plug your electric car into the domestic socket with the appropriate Mode 2 charging cable, charge it overnight and get into a fully charged electric car the next day. This is the daily scenario of electric car owners who do not charge their cars at a charging station. But what happens with your home installation if your domestic socket bears the charging burden of your electric car for 10 hours or more?

The charging power of the Nissan Leaf at a domestic socket Is equal to boiling water for 10 hours

The charging power of a Nissan Leaf Mode 2 charging cable at the domestic socket (2.3 kW) can be compared to the power of an electric kettle. In order to charge the battery of the Nissan Leaf (24 kWh) to full capacity, you will need about 10 hours at the domestic socket. This is equal to a kettle that has been boiling water for 10 hours. Would you do this to your domestic socket? The answer is probably ‘no’. But why not? An electric car charges over several hours with a charging power of 2.3 kW, thereby completely exhausting the maximum power of your domestic socket. However, it is not set up for this purpose. Charging an electric car also cannot be compared to most other electrical goods which are charged daily at the domestic socket, such as a smartphone, which charges with about 0.002% of the charging power of an electric car at the domestic socket. Even major energy consumers in the home, such as a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner with a power capacity of, for example, 1.5 kW consume less energy in comparison to the charging power of an electric car. It is especially important to bear in mind that hairdryers or vacuum cleaners only use electricity from the domestic socket under a full load for a few minutes; however, the electric car is connected for several hours when charging. The leads, particularly junctions in distribution boxes, become warm to very hot, the longer the current flows, and it creates the risk of the cable burning. If you connect the electric car to an older domestic socket or home installation, the danger is even greater. In the best case scenario the safety is activated, otherwise the domestic socket or cable will melt.

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You can charge quickly and safely at home with a charging station for your electric car and the appropriate electrical installation

The solution for electric mobilisers is a charging station for your electric car. The charging station is fine-tuned to the charging power of your electrical installation and communicates with your electric car with the current strength (e.g. 16 A per phase) with which it can be charged to a maximum. The charging station is fine-tuned by an electrician to the charging power of your home installation or the electrician can adjust the electric installation in order to enable you to achieve the desired charging power for your electric car.

With a charging station, you can charge not only quickly and safely, but intelligently and in comfort as well

As well as safe and quick charging, the electric car driver also gains additional comfort. If you use your electric car regularly, you have to charge it daily and would probably prefer not to keep getting the Mode 2 charging cable (which should always be at hand for ’emergency charging’) out of the boot. With a charging station, the plug can simply be taken from the wall holder and plugged into the electric car. The charging station can also be used intelligently by connecting it with the in-house photovoltaic system. This means that excess solar energy can be used to charge the electric car. You can find out more about this, and what you should bear in mind when buying an electric car in our next blog article ‘‘6 Things That I Need To Consider When Buying a Charging Station For My Electric Car’. In our Online Shop, you can find the right products and services to help you charge your electric car quickly, safely and comfortably. A positive side effect: you can stay flexible and independent.