Digital Charging Solutions (DCS), EVBox Group, and The Mobility House combine offerings to create a single EV charging solution for fleets

October 05, 2021|Munich, Amsterdam

  • With the integrated DCS charging solution CHARGE NOW for Business, fleet managers have an overview of the charging behavior of all electric vehicles (EVs) in their fleet, whether at public, residential, or workplace charging points.
  • The Mobility House’s Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot® helps lower energy costs while guaranteeing a stable supply of energy for future use.
  • EVBox Group provides its charging stations and charging management software (Everon) which enables remote support and is integrated into the DCS solution.

Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) is now offering CHARGE NOW for Business, a solution for charging EV fleets at public, residential, and workplace charging points. With EVBox Group offering EVBox hardware and intelligent Everon software, as well as The Mobility House providing solutions for efficient and intelligent charging and energy management, fleet managers in the DACH region can seamlessly charge and manage their EV fleets using a single solution.

CHARGE NOW for Business is aimed predominantly at leasing providers, corporates, and fleet managers; however, small and medium-sized enterprises can also sign up for the solution via an online self-service portal. The offering allows users to manage contracts, charging cards, and tariffs, as well as analyze charging behavior using detailed interfaces and charging data exports.

A combined solution for public, residential, and workplace charging

By expanding the service to include residential charging, employees can be reimbursed by employers for the electricity they use at home to charge their company EV. Fleet managers and corporate drivers can order a wallbox running on Everon charging management software and request optional installation services via The Mobility House's CHARGE NOW for Business fleet portal. A data exchange between the wallbox and the CHARGE NOW for Business driver account gives users an overview of the residential charging sessions as well as the electricity costs that can be reimbursed. Charging sessions initiated at public charging stations or at the workplace can also be viewed in the driver’s account.

In addition, CHARGE NOW for Business can be seamlessly integrated into existing fleet management software via open interfaces. Companies using the complete CHARGE NOW for Business solution can also allow their employees, customers, and visitors to charge EVs that are not part of the company fleet on the company premises.

ChargePilot®, the hardware-agnostic Charging and Energy Management system by The Mobility House, is used to maintain a stable power supply for EVs at fleet and company locations; this helps keep grid connection and operating costs to a minimum. The Mobility House also supplies charging infrastructure for workplaces and fleet locations, offers expert advice as early as the design stage of on-site systems, and takes over or arranges installation services.

As part of DCS’s CHARGE NOW for Business solution, Everon acts as an intelligent platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that works seamlessly with hardware and other software. In this partnership, Everon is integrated into DCS's solution, allowing fleet managers to easily manage their charging infrastructure via a unified front end. EVBox complements the overall solution with contemporary AC and DC charging stations as well as wallboxes for charging at home.

A successful partnership for a unified charging experience

"We have already shown what a seamless public charging process can look like with Plug & Charge or starting and stopping charging processes directly from the vehicle navigation system. With the help of EVBox Group and The Mobility House, we are now able to integrate residential and workplace charging into a comprehensive and customer-friendly fleet solution."

Markus Bartenschlager,

Managing Director, DCS

"Open interfaces are essential for the successful implementation of charging infrastructure as they allow the best solutions to be connected efficiently. With our partners, we have created a one-stop-shop solution for EV fleets. As part of this, The Mobility House is providing energy management expertise in the shape of ChargePilot® which will help to lower the cost of EV charging for customers right from the start. Innovative partnerships like this create end-to-end solutions for businesses looking to adopt electric mobility and are a step further towards simplifying EV charging and mastering the upcoming scale-up. "

Marcus Fendt,

Managing Director , The Mobility House

"As an experienced provider of scalable EV charging solutions, we’re delighted to work with DCS and The Mobility House to advance the electrification of fleets in the DACH region. Our intelligent charging management software, Everon, can be effortlessly integrated into each customer’s unique environment. With Everon, DCS can offer a complete solution for its business customers that gives them total control over their EV charging operation."

Hermann Winkler,

Regional Director DACH , EVBox Group

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