Smart grid, smart prices: Electric vehicle drivers benefit from The Mobility House's intelligent charging tariff eyond due to section 14a of the German Energy Industry Act

December 19, 2023|Munich, Zurich

  • The Mobility House's eyond integrates the mandatory control of charging stations by the grid operator according to section 14a of the German Energy Industry Act, starting January 1, 2024.  
  • Consumers can comfortably seize the savings opportunities, benefiting from an average savings potential of over 400 euros due to reduced grid fees. 
  • This transition supports the establishment of a sustainable grid infrastructure and is another step towards The Mobility House's vision: zero emissions at zero cost. 
Woman using eyond app

New year, new savings option for electric vehicle drivers: The intelligent charging tariff eyond by The Mobility House extracts around 410 euros in advantage from the new regulation on flexible charging. Starting January 1, 2024, newly installed charging stations with more than 4.2 kW power must be controllable by the grid operator according to section 14a of the German Energy Industry Act. In case of grid bottlenecks, operators can temporarily reduce the charging power to 4.2 kW. In return, electric vehicle drivers benefit from reduced grid fees. 

"With our intelligent eyond tariff and the controllability of charging power by grid operators, we are taking a significant step into the future of mobility and energy supply. With our technology, expertise, and years of experience, we are already making a huge contribution today. Our vision of zero-zero – zero emissions at zero cost – is now within reach with over 400 euros in savings on charging costs. Looking ahead, electric vehicles will contribute stored energy back to the grid through bidirectional charging, allowing drivers to achieve even greater savings."

Marcus Fendt,

CEO, The Mobility House

The eyond tariff by The Mobility House offers electric vehicle drivers a simple and convenient way to benefit from reduced grid fees through the amendment of section 14a of the German Energy Industry Act. The integration of grid controllability makes eyond a comfortable offering that already meets numerous requirements for customers. 

eyond has been available since October 2023 and already connects the advantages of traditional and dynamic tariffs with a fixed unit price and savings of 10 cents per grid-friendly charged kilowatt-hour, without compromising convenience and price risks. For customers with an exemplary annual electricity demand for an electric vehicle of 2,500 kWh, savings of around 250 euros are possible. Through section 14a, an additional average of around 160 euros is added – the exact benefit depends on the regional grid fee.   

With the integration of grid controllability according to section 14a of the Germany Energy Industry Act, The Mobility House once again demonstrates innovation and presents electric vehicle drivers with tangible added value as the first provider. Interested customers can now subscribe to an information service on the eyond website (German only) to receive regular updates on the implementation of the new regulation from January 2024. 

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