New product from The Mobility House turns electric cars into key players for the energy transition

October 18, 2023|Munich / Zurich

  • With the introduction of eyond, The Mobility House is setting new standards in the field of intelligent charging tariffs.
  • The eyond solution from The Mobility House unlocks the charging flexibility of electric cars, realizing the maximum benefit for customers and the energy system.
  • The technology, which has been tested for years in the marketing and aggregation of electric vehicle batteries, is being marketed as aggregated charging flexibility in the energy markets.
  • The revenues generated in this way make charging affordable, and the provided flexibility stabilizes the power grids and markets.
  • Customers benefit from a reduction in charging costs of over 200 euros per year – without sacrificing convenience or being affected by fluctuating household electricity prices.

The technology company, The Mobility House, is taking intelligent charging for end customers to the next level with the introduction of its new product, eyond. This offering allows private customers to not only charge their electric vehicles cost-effectively but also contribute significantly to a successful energy transition, initially unidirectional and in the future, bidirectional. Since electric cars spend the majority of their time parked, they are ideal for providing flexibility to balance the fluctuating supply of renewable energy. Eyond harnesses this potential, utilizing charging flexibility. The technology by The Mobility House, markets the gained flexibility on the electricity markets and passes the financial benefits on to its customers.

Flexibility as the new currency in the energy system

Normally, electric cars are parked 95 percent of the time, nearly 23 hours a day. Here lies a crucial component for a renewable energy supply, one The Mobility House makes accessible with eyond: flexibility provided by electric cars to the energy system. Specifically, thanks to eyond, charging processes are scheduled during time windows when renewable energy is available or even in surplus, and other electricity demand on the grid is low. However, eyond customers are not aware of this process, they simply define their desired state of charge for their electric vehicle and departure time, while the technology handles the rest in the background.

To maximize the benefit for the energy system, The Mobility House’s technology considers multiple energy markets. In addition to the Day-Ahead market, this includes the relevant Intraday market, where flexibility is traded up to five minutes before charging. The Mobility House considers not only the needs of individual customers but also the flexibility provided by vehicle batteries of all eyond customers. This allows for highly accurate short- and medium-term forecasts, aligned with market availability and demand. This effectively prevents the need to ramp up conventional power plants to compensate for supply gaps or to shut down wind turbines when there is excess capacity.

Woman using eyond app

"We can proudly say that eyond, as our first Vehicle-To-Grid product, reduces electricity costs while paving the way for a zero-emission future. Over the past years, we have continually perfected our expertise, and we are excited to now bundle all this in a new product to our customers. The potential of unidirectional charging flexibility alone is incredible. But this is just the beginning. Next year, with bidirectional charging, we will achieve even more. This brings us closer to our goal of zero emissions at zero cost."

Robert Hienz,

CEO, The Mobility House

Intelligent charging with green and affordable electricity

Using eyond is simple: after installing the eyond app, which is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, users initially connect it to their electric vehicle. The main requirement is a compatible electric vehicle, as the eyond app communicates directly with the vehicle. For non-compatible vehicles, control through various wallboxes will be possible starting next year. For owners of photovoltaic (PV) systems, there’s an additional advantage. By using the eyond app, they can optimize their self-consumption by utilizing self-generated solar power.

Afterwards, customers sign up for The Mobility House’s certified green energy tariff. Thanks to the fixed working and base price over the contract duration, customers bear no price risk for often inflexible household electricity consumption, unlike dynamic tariffs. However, eyond customers benefit from the value of the provided flexibility for their electric vehicles. For every intelligently charged kilowatt-hour, a monthly bonus is paid out, calculated by The Mobility House in FlexCoins. The FlexCoin rate is also fixed throughout the contract duration. This way, eyond customers can achieve savings of over 200 euros per year, or 10 cents per intelligently charged kilowatt-hour, solely through the smart charging of their electric vehicles.

The product is now available on the eyond website (German only).

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