Sustainable power: Mercedes-Benz Group, GETEC ENERGIE and The Mobility House extend the lifecycle of vehicle batteries once again

June 13, 2024|Munich, Zurich

  • The large-scale storage systems of the Joint Venture between Mercedes-Benz Group, GETEC ENERGIE and The Mobility House are approved for another five years for primary control reserve.
  • The repurposed electric vehicle batteries continue to make their full contribution to stabilizing the European power grid with 29 MW of power and 31 MWh of storage capacity.
  • The basis for the efficient dual use and long lifespan of the batteries also includes the intelligent trading algorithms of The Mobility House as well as the technical concept of Mercedes-Benz Energy.  

Mercedes-Benz Group, GETEC ENERGIE and The Mobility House extend the lifecycle of their stationary energy storage systems made from vehicle batteries by another five years. The storage systems in Lünen and Elverlingsen, which have existed since 2016 and 2018 respectively, have once again been prequalified for providing primary control reserve (PCR) – the fastest and most critical grid service in the power system. Over 2,000 repurposed battery modules from the storage systems developed and supplied by Mercedes-Benz Energy will thus continue to be available with 29 MW of power and 31 MWh of energy to stabilize the power grid and achieve independence from fossil power plants.

Strict qualification process confirms lifespan and stable storage capacity

In the context of the examination of stationary battery storage systems by transmission system operators, demanding criteria must be met to continue operating in the primary control reserve (PCR) market. These include, in particular, sufficient storage capacity as well as stable and rapid power adjustment. Despite already being in use for five years in stationary storage and prior partial usage in electric vehicles, the batteries have passed this demanding qualification again. The very stable storage capacity confirmed in this process is proof of the low aging of electric vehicle batteries with “proper” management. This is ensured by the intelligent trading and operating algorithms of The Mobility House. The professional technical concept of Mercedes-Benz Energy also forms the basis for long-term reuse. The company develops and markets complete stationary storage solutions that are used in industrial areas as well as grid-supportive solutions.

Grid stabilization and value creation through stationary applications

When a battery reaches the end of its service life in a vehicle, it typically still retains about 70 to 80 percent of its original capacity. This substantial energy reserve offers the possibility for an extended second life in a stationary battery storage system. Additionally, first-life battery modules can be kept “fit” in stationary applications before being installed in vehicles. This is only possible with innovative algorithms and state-of-the-art software, which The Mobility House has been developing and continuously refining specifically for the commercialization of electric vehicle batteries since 2015. Recently, the technology company has also begun trading stationary storage systems for third parties in the European regulation and energy markets, including a prequalification service.

The use of the flexibility inherent in the charging and discharging of electric vehicle batteries is a crucial component on the path to a renewable energy system. Electric vehicle batteries can thus replace fossil power plants and compensate for the fluctuating generation from solar and wind. Because batteries react very quickly – faster than, for example, gas power plants – they make a particularly valuable contribution to stable grid frequency and power grid quality.

"We are pleased that our storage systems have been requalified. This confirms that our algorithms and trading strategies not only bring high revenues but also make the best possible use of batteries with minimal aging. With our partners in the automotive industry, we have thereby made significant progress. We are now offering our expertise to owners of large-scale and industrial storage systems as well – and soon, we will also be commercially implementing this as Vehicle-to-Grid technology for the benefit of our customers."

Marcus Fendt,

Managing Director at The Mobility House

"The close integration of the energy and automotive industries is essential for a sustainable energy economy. The intelligent use of automotive battery systems represents an approach which is of ecological importance – not least in terms of resource efficiency. The renewed prequalification of the energy storage system confirms that our technologies continue to meet industrial requirements for longevity and safety even after years. These core competencies make our complete stationary storage solutions applicable to a wide range of applications."

Norman Möhler,

Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH

"In addition, operating the 2nd-life batteries provides us with valuable experience for the development of bidirectional and connected charging applications for our vehicles: On the one hand, we have learned the value of battery flexibility in the power grid, and on the other hand, how resilient the batteries prove to be in this application."

Eva Greiner,

Chief Technology Officer of the Charging Unit at Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG

"The demand for green electricity from our industrial customers has increased enormously in recent years. From our perspective, providing innovative primary control reserve services is an important complement to the continuous expansion of our range of sustainable energy products. Sufficient grid stability is the basic prerequisite for the success of the energy transition. "

Cord Wiesner,

Spokesperson for the management of GETEC ENERGIE GmbH

The project partners

The partner companies cover the entire battery value chain and recycling process with the two projects: From the manufacturing and processing of the battery systems by Mercedes-Benz Energy, to the installation and marketing of the stationary battery storage systems in the energy markets by The Mobility House and GETEC. Mercedes-Benz Mobility utilizes the insights gained from this project for the development of smart charging solutions and future customer offerings.

Mercedes-Benz Group AG: Mercedes-Benz Group AG is one of the most successful automotive companies in the world. As part of Mercedes-Benz AG, the vehicle manufacturer is one of the largest providers of high-end cars and premium vans. As a pioneer in automotive manufacturing, Mercedes-Benz is motivated and committed to shaping the future of mobility securely and sustainably. The company relies on innovative and green technologies, as well as safe and high-quality vehicles that captivate and inspire.

Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG specializes in financial and mobility services. The range of services includes financing, leasing, vehicle subscriptions and rentals, fleet management, insurance brokerage, as well as innovative mobility services and digital payment solutions. In addition, Mercedes-Benz Mobility offers comprehensive products and services in the areas of home charging, public charging infrastructure, and business solutions.

Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG, is responsible for the development of innovative energy storage solutions. These solutions are based on automotive battery technology used in electric and hybrid vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz Group.

For more information: Mercedes-Benz Group & Mercedes-Benz Energy: Energy Storage. 

The Mobility House: zero zero – zero emissions at zero cost. That's the goal of The Mobility House. Through intelligent charging and energy solutions, the company is helping to drive the breakthrough of electromobility. Existing and new technologies enable the integration of electric vehicles into the power grid as aggregated swarms of mobile electric car batteries or as stationary storage units using vehicle batteries. Founded in 2009, The Mobility House serves all leading automotive manufacturers from its locations in Munich, Zurich, Paris, and Belmont (California), spanning over ten countries worldwide. 

GETEC ENERGIE: GETEC ENERGIE GmbH supports large energy consumers, suppliers, and producers in the efficient and sustainable procurement and marketing of energy. With its highly efficient B2B platform and energy industry expertise, GETEC ENERGIE GmbH provides its customers with comprehensive solutions.


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