The Mobility House adopts GHG quota trading for electric car drivers, generating payouts of up to EUR 300

December 01, 2021|Munich

  • The Mobility House is offering electric car drivers the opportunity to have the CO2 savings of their vehicle paid out with immediate effect, within the framework of the GHG quota.
  • Payment is valid from 2022 and is at a minimum of EUR 250. If higher revenues are generated from the sale of GHG quotas, all customers will also receive an additional payment.
  • Customers who purchase a corresponding wallbox or mobile charging station in The Mobility House’s online shop will receive a further bonus of EUR 50, which they will be reimbursed along with the GHG quota.
Mann mit Handy sitzt im ladenden E-Auto

Charging solution provider The Mobility House will take on the processing and payment of the greenhouse gas reduction quotas (GHG quotas) with immediate effect. Owners of electric cars, private and business, along with electric fleet operators can have at least EUR 250 per vehicle paid out by the company. If The Mobility House achieves higher proceeds when selling the GHG quota, the price of which is determined by the dynamic market, an additional amount is also paid to all customers at the end of the year. The 35,000 existing customers along with every new customer all benefit from this. Payment is not only available as a one-off, but from 2022 onwards, year after year. In addition, the CO2 payments can also be used directly: when purchasing a wallbox or mobile charging station in The Mobility House’s online shop, customers receive an additional discount of EUR 50, therefore receiving a total payout of EUR 300 once the GHG quota has been checked.

Earn money with the electric car

The greenhouse gas reduction quota has prescribed targets for mineral oil companies to save CO2 emissions ever since 2015. It therefore serves as a legal guidance tool for reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector and achieving the climate targets.  From 2022, owners of electric cars will be able to benefit from the quota and earn money with their electric cars thanks to a triple crediting of electricity. They do so by selling the saved CO2 emissions from their electric vehicle to oil companies, which are obliged to reduce their emissions. This gives the companies the opportunity to offset their emissions. This ensures that fossil fuels gradually become more expensive while promoting environmentally friendly electromobility.

In order for the GHG quota to be paid, owners of electric cars must register their names and email address (companies additionally provide their VAT ID or tax number) on The Mobility Hous website enter their account data and upload a photo or scan of their vehicle registration document (part 1). The company takes care of everything else.

"The new quota system promotes electromobility in two ways: Firstly, through the annual subsidy for electric cars. Secondly, bringing fossil fuels into circulation is becoming increasingly expensive and unattractive for oil companies and therefore also for consumers."

Daniel Heydenreich,

Managing Director, The Mobility House

"The regulations form a first step towards earning money with your own electric car. In addition, we are working on further options for integrating electrical vehicles into the energy world, thus promoting sector coupling as a means towards achieving the climate targets. There will be sources of revenue for electric car drivers here too: in future, anyone who makes a small portion of the electricity from their electric car available to the grid using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) will also be able to generate regular income. Initial pilot projects indicate that this technology allows a good EUR 650 per annum and electric vehicle."

Daniel Heydenreich,

Managing Director, The Mobility House

The GHG quota will accompany electromobility for some time to come, until at least 2030. By this year, the oil companies, who subject to these quotas, must reduce or offset a steadily increasing proportion of their CO2 emissions. In the coming years, values can therefore in fact be expected to rise.