The Mobility House and SMART/LAB establish interoperability of their systems

September 15, 2021|Munich

  • A new interface between the Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot® by The Mobility House and the charging station information system LISY 2 from SMART/LAB Innovationsgesellschaft mbH now allows both systems to exchange data.
  • Due to the cooperation, operators of charging infrastructure benefit from the intelligent control of charging processes by ChargePilot® with simultaneous access to the comprehensive billing and CPO functionalities of SMART/LAB LISY platform, such as the charge billing product.
  • The simple OCPP-based overall solution offers several technical as well as economic advantages.
Electric car being charged

SMART/LAB Innovationsgesellschaft mbH, a developer of electromobility services, products and concepts, and The Mobility House, the technology company for smart charging and energy solutions, are now networking their systems. The two companies have developed an interface that enables data exchange between ChargePilot® – the intelligent Charging and Energy Management system by The Mobility House – and LISY, the central backend system from SMART/LAB’s charging network

LISY currently ensures the operation of the charging infrastructure of more than 230 municipal utilities and more than 70 business partners. In addition to LISY’s range of functions, users can now also benefit from ChargePilot’s® many advantages, such as cost- and grid-optimized charging at sites where several vehicles are to be charged simultaneously. The intelligent charging and energy management system prevents expensive peak loads by automatically and intelligently controlling the charging processes. Furthermore, it ensures an efficient operation of the charging infrastructure even with limited grid connection power. Depending on the use case, this can save up to 70 percent of the charging costs or an average of 250 Euro per charging point and year.

The extensive EMP/CPO and billing functionalities of LISY remain fully usable as before: Since the SMART/LAB software stays connected to the charging infrastructure, all charging processes can still be viewed in detail and billed individually. With one small difference: the charging stations no longer have to be individually connected to the mobile data network using a SIM card. From now on, ChargePilot’s local Smart Charging Controller forwards the charging data to LISY via the OCPP open interface standard in a straightforward, unchanged and encrypted manner.

"Smart charging of electric cars, including billing and monitoring of charging processes, has to be both simple and reliable, because this is the only way to ensure that the roll-out of electromobility on a large scale can take place without any problems. Our cooperative relationship with The Mobility House means we’re taking another step in this direction and are offering our customers additional added value by networking our systems."

Thomas Rahmen,

Head of Products and Research, SMART/LAB

"We are thrilled to partner with SMART/LAB. Our companies are united by more than just the incentive to help shape the energy world of tomorrow; the idea of interoperability of systems and open interfaces connects us further. Together, we are creating a user-friendly and holistic energy and mobility concept that can also grow with future innovations."

Matthias Suttner,

Head of Key Account Management Wholesale, The Mobility House

ChargePilot® and SMART/LAB are based on a modular design. In addition, the systems work with open standard interfaces and are hardware-agnostic, which means they can be flexibly combined with a variety of hardware.

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