The Mobility House collaborates with Itron to unite grid and charging management for electric fleets

March 30, 2022|Munich

  • Itron integrates The Mobility House's intelligent Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot® into its software solution EV Charging Optimizer.
  • Fleet and grid operators are thus provided with a solution to efficiently and locally operate charging infrastructure for EV fleets that also facilitates outcomes like vehicle to grid (V2G).
  • Thanks to open interfaces, ChargePilot® seamlessly integrates with Itron's cloud-based solution, enabling the grid-optimized integration of electric fleets.

Industrial IoT leader Itron Inc. is integrating The Mobility House's smart Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot® into its new software solution EV Charging Optimizer. The hardware-agnostic solution simplifies the planning, deployment and operation of charging and grid infrastructure by optimizing the integration of EVs into the grid, managing charging and billing, and ensuring grid stability. Using a standardized interface, ChargePilot communicates with Itron's system considering fleet schedules, travel routes, battery life and capacity, as well as local utility rates to optimize charging load. This allows fleet and grid operators to manage EV charging operations efficiently, locally, and in harmony with the grid. It also enables the integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar and storage. The integration is for both, the US and the European market. The solution can save end customers in the US more than 35 % on their energy costs through managed charging and can save utilities more than 20 % annualized considering grid infrastructure investments and ongoing management.

Push for the electromobility as a joint mission

Itron and The Mobility House share the goal of accelerating the ramp-up of electromobility. To this end, the companies aim to combine Itron's expertise in the energy supply sector with The Mobility House's market experience in smart charging to drive the expansion of a decentralized energy network.

"In order for the electrification of transportation to accelerate, the barriers for EV charging deployment need to be removed. As the new vehicle fuel, energy and power must be managed within an ecosystem of DERs to fully realize the economic benefits of electrification. Grid integration needs to be intelligently planned to ensure stakeholder needs are met for all parties. With EV Charging Optimizer, utilities and EV charging operators have access to comprehensive EV charging, energy management and turnkey solutions to help maintain grid reliability, resiliency and efficiency. This will allow utilities to optimize their grid investments in EV charging enablement and end customers to better manage their energy fuel costs."

Don Reeves,

Senior Vice President of Outcomes, Itron

"The grid is the biggest bottleneck in the roll-out of electromobility if it is not intelligently integrated. That's why we've been working for years to develop a scalable, hardware-agnostic solution that is also already in use by more than 700 customers and utilities worldwide. By collaborating with Itron – an industry leading industrial IoT provider – we are enabling many utilities and grid operators to control EVs in a grid-optimized manner."

Marcus Fendt,

Managing Director, The Mobility House

As part of its end-to-end solution, Itron is working with technology partners worldwide such as Amazon Web Services, Geotab, Microgrid Labs, Meteomatics AG and Heliox, to integrate additional partner offerings into its software-as-a-service platform.

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  • Smart management with ChargePilot® helps to generate annual six-figure savings in grid and energy costs.
  • The hardware-agnostic system by The Mobility House enables communication between different planning systems thanks to open interfaces.
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World’s first open Vehicle-To-Grid test lab by The Mobility House and Ambibox 

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  • Both companies have created a permanent opportunity for car manufacturers to test bidirectional marketing of electric cars on the energy market.
  • Holistic testing under real-life conditions will significantly speed up the ramp-up of Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) and the uniform interpretation of standards.