10 MWh a day: The Mobility House manages one of the largest electric bus fleets in Europe

January 24, 2020|Munich

The Dutch bus company Connexxion, one of the largest electric bus fleets in Europe, relies on the smart charging and energy management system from the Munich technology company The Mobility House.

Electrified bus fleet

The dimensions of their location at the Schiphol airport are enormous: the ChargePilot® charging and energy management system from The Mobility House manages the bus operator's busiest charging area, where more than 150 charging processes are carried out every day. And it is so efficient that it uses and pays for only 20% of the 5 megawatts that are available from the power connection. This saves the company several hundred thousand euros in demand charges.

"We are excited about our cooperation with The Mobility House, which supports us as a knowledgeable expert in charging and energy management. With their product ChargePilot®, we can efficiently charge and operate our fleet of electric busses and also have flexibility when expanding."

Josh Carmichael,

Project Manager, Zero Emission

At seven Opportunity Charging stations, the electric busses are charged with sufficient power – up to 450 kW – in less than 30 minutes using their pantograph. On an average day, ten megawatthours flow into the vehicle batteries. A conventional electric car could drive 60,000 kilometers (approx. 37,282 miles) with this amount of energy.

Connexxion is a subsidiary of Transdev. The mobility provider, which is based in Paris, does business in 20 countries on five continents and has many years of experience in public passenger transport. This project demonstrates the necessity and everyday usefulness of a charging and energy management system like ChargePilot® from The Mobility House.