World’s first open Vehicle-To-Grid test lab by The Mobility House and Ambibox

May 16, 2023|Munich

World’s first open Vehicle-To-Grid test lab by The Mobility House and Ambibox 

  • The Mobility House and Ambibox are setting up a test lab for bidirectional charging that is unique worldwide.
  • Both companies have created a permanent opportunity for car manufacturers to test bidirectional marketing of electric cars on the energy market.
  • Holistic testing under real-life conditions will significantly speed up the ramp-up of Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) and the uniform interpretation of standards.

Tech firm The Mobility House and Ambibox – a Mainz-based charging technology manufacturer – are now offering car manufacturers the world’s first-ever opportunity to test the Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) technology under real-life, end-to-end conditions. For this purpose, Ambibox is providing six of its V2G DC chargers at its company premises in Mainz. Another site at The Mobility House’s head office in Munich will follow at a later point. The Mobility House handles the marketing on different energy markets and in different energy products with its EV Aggregation Platform and Flexibility Trading. This way electric cars can be integrated into the energy market and their flexibilities marketed in a lucrative way. Cars act as mobile electricity storage units, turning into buffers for the power grid. This endeavor will – for the first time –give car manufacturers the opportunity to continuously test the entire ecosystem based on established standards and open interfaces and through real applications beyond the frame of testivals or plug fests – from the charging station and the backend to marketing on the European Power Exchange (EPEX Spot). As a result, the two companies’ test labs will not only support car manufacturers’ further standardization of electric vehicles; they will also speed up the topic of bidirectional charging.

Putting bidirectional charging to the test - holistically

The expertise of the two companies – both of which are pioneers in the V2G sector – complement one another perfectly. Ambibox has developed innovative solutions for decentralized energy systems and contributes the V2G charging station in the form of the “ambiCHARGE”. The Mobility House, meanwhile, brings its technology, trading experience and V2G expertise to the table. For more than eight years, the tech firm has been gaining experience in bidirectional charging and marketing the flexibilities of electric cars on the European energy and power markets. It also does so in the form of 4,500 new and used stationary electric car batteries, to name but one example. With its EV Aggregation Platform and Flexibility Trading, The Mobility House has developed its own technology to tap the storage and flexibility potential of electric car batteries. This can generate significant revenue per vehicle, cut CO2 emissions and, at the same time, offset the cost of traction current. 

"As a leading driver of intelligently integrating electric car batteries into the power grid, The Mobility House attaches a great deal of importance to what it believes to be a major issue: offering car manufacturers a practical test environment. The partnership with Ambibox – a leading V2G charging station manufacturer – makes exactly that possible. The technology can thus be tested from the vehicle to the energy market, and the standardization can be accelerated. If the necessary regulations for bidirectional charging are put in place as part of a next step and as promised by the German government, we will be able to tap the full potential of electromobility for our customers and partners alike."

Marcus Fendt,

Managing Director, The Mobility House

"This cooperative relationship allows us to combine both companies’ strengths to promote bidirectional charging. Joining forces and contributing our respective skills allows us to get a whole lot closer to the future of electromobility."

Manfred Przybilla,

Managing Director, Ambibox

Since 2015, The Mobility House has already been involved in more than eight international V2G pilot projects , proving that the technology actually works, does not damage the battery and promotes an efficient renewable energy system with less CO2. 

Scheduling an apppointment

Car manufacturers wishing to schedule an on-site testing appointment or needing more detailed information are welcome to send an email to: [email protected]