Using intelligent charging management to reach the patients electrically

Elektroautoflotte lädt in Tiefgarage

The nursing service Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Munich relies on an electric fleet: Relaxed employees, reduced CO2 emissions, and lower costs per kilometer.

Logo Arbeiter Samariter Bund
    Vision: Contribution to a clean city
    Company size: Around 50,000 full-time employees nationwide
    Fleet size: 8 electric vehicles
    Location: Munich
    User groups: Pool vehicles for outpatient care
    Conditions: Old building and energy infrastructure from the 1980s
The goal

Convenient charging in the underground garage

When they began updating their fleet, the welfare organisation Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (Workers’ Samaritan Federation, ASB) in Munich was quick to decide that electric vehicles were the way of the future. The aging petrol cars were replaced with four Smart e-drives and four Renault ZOEs. To make sure that the new cars could be easily “refuelled” and that the grid connection in the underground car park was not overloaded, a suitable load management system was critical to planning and implementing the charging solution.

Our solution

Making maximum use of the mains connection

At the Munich site, the network environment would soon have reached its limits due to the additional burden of the charging stations without any load management. But with the help of The Mobility House it became obvious that ChargePilot®, our intelligent charging and energy management system, made it easy to load 8 vehicles and even expand their fleet.

Success story

Less CO2 and lower costs

"We can calculate the length of the trips for at - home care very accurately and range is no issue for us whatsoever. Our employees like the small, manoeuvrable vehicles. They enjoy the fact that they no longer need to drive to the petrol station - instead, they get out of the car, plug it in in their garage, and are finished in 8 seconds."

Thomas Nindl,

CEO of the Munich ASB

The vendor-neutral software and hardware ChargePilot is already set for the breakthrough of electric mobility and can be extended almost infinitely. At the same time, the charging and energy management ensures that sufficient energy is available for the other applications in the building.

The locally installed solution includes a graphical user interface on the computer. Without any technical know-how, the ASB employees can see which vehicles are currently being charged, what amounts of energy are used and when the batteries are fully recharged.

"With our solution, we avoid expensive load peaks by distributing the charges throughout the night."

Marcus Fendt,

Managing Director of The Mobility House

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Lademanagement Referenz
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